Ten Reasons Why Every Real Estate Listing Should Include Video

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The pandemic proves real estate agents are creative and resilient. As the world took on a new normal, agents learned to use photos, videos, and other marketing methods to keep selling properties. Real estate professionals soon discovered the power of quality images and how they compel potential  buyers to take action. Find out the ten reasons why every real estate listing should include video marketing.

Appeal to a Broader Market

There are almost as many marketing strategies as there are different types of consumers. With that in mind, it makes sense to include videos with all real estate listings. Some buyers want detailed descriptions, while others prefer photos or videos. Including all of these marketing tools reaches a broader group of consumers to generate more new leads.

Visually Entice Buyers

The power of imagery is evident in all the marketing materials people view each day. Beautiful images get consumers to take action. A quality video visually entices buyers by making them want to see more. Include visual representations of each room and the outdoor areas, so consumers almost feel like they visited the property.

Show Properties in a Fantastic New Way

The traditional real estate listing with a generic description and a few photos is not enough to reach out to savvy consumers. Smart buyers expect to see as much of the property as possible before scheduling a showing, especially after quarantining.

Take a Video Tour

Use blogs, Facebook Live, YouTube, and other online opportunities to share video tours of available properties. Create a live tour for new listings to generate hype and interest in the home. Live video tours have also been a viable alternative to open houses during social distancing. Walk the viewers through each room, highlight the best features, and make people feel like they are taking a real tour of the house.

Set the Listing Apart from the Competition

Original videos set a listing apart from competitors’ available properties. Use a professional videographer for luxury properties to appeal to a discerning worldwide market. Consider friendly or informative videos for other listings, based on the target audience. Create videos that reach out to the types of people who would be interested in buying the home.

Highlight the Finer Features of the Property

Videos provide an excellent opportunity to elaborate on all the finer features of a property.  Show a colorful float in a crystal clear swimming pool under the sun. Create a fire in the fireplace to show off its glory. Walk around the yard, pointing out mature trees and flowering gardens. Give buyers a reason to want to view the property in-person.

Encourage Sharing

Videos can be shared, which could increase the number of potential leads generated by each video. Include sharing buttons next to real estate listing videos and encourage visitors to share the content. Post videos on the blog and company website with sharing buttons. Social media sharing is an excellent way to attract potential buyers from out of town and out of the country. Better Homes and Gardens® affiliated real estate agents have access to an impressive social media network to get the word out about available properties.

Take Clients from Dreams to Reality

Use the power of a video presentation to take clients from the dream of homeownership to a reality. Include ways to contact the agency and how it offers assistance to buyers. Reach out and specify what makes the agency different and the best to work with to make the fantasy of owning a home real.

Do It Differently Than Anyone Else

Dare to do videos differently than anyone else. Experiment with the latest technologies to create videos that stand out from the crowd. Panoramic video is ideal for large properties with barns, swimming pools, gazebos, and outbuildings. Give buyers a bird’s eye view of the property without leaving their homes, and show how vast it is. Investing in a top-quality video can help move large and luxurious properties faster than using traditional images and videos.

Give the Agency a Voice

One of the advantages of creating videos is the opportunity to give the agency a voice. From professional to humorous, there are many possible approaches to take when filming properties. Research the target market before creating marketing content to determine what they want and how to best answer their questions.  Craft videos that overcome potential opposition and prove why the property is a viable option for the buyers.

Establish Trust and Authority

Posting videos with real estate listings takes the process to the next level. Buyers instantly recognize the listing offers more than others because there is enough content to help them make an educated decision. Watching videos has become the new normal before buyers decide to take detailed steps to view a home after the quarantine. An agent who includes video marketing is sure to generate more leads.

Agents who include videos with each real estate listing generate more traffic and leads. With social distancing and the power of social media sharing, videos are among the most effective ways to sell properties today.

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