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Smart Home Appliances -

A current trend shaping home sales is the desire of some homeowners to have a “smart” home. Amenities that configure a smart home can be very appealing and cutting-edge, so it is important for agents, as the home experts, to understand the options. Smart appliances can be run remotely via a smartphone app, or have sensors that help them independently run more efficiently. Here are some of the latest advances in high-tech appliances.

Smart Refrigerators

Imagine getting a text from your refrigerator letting you know that you’re out of milk. Smart refrigerators are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities which, among other things, can communicate with your smart phone via a mobile messaging app. When a client is at the store, they can text their fridge to ask it about its contents, and it texts back with information on what they have and what they need.

Other types of clients might like the internal refrigerator camera better. This lets them view the inside of their refrigerators in real time. So if making a grocery list at the office, one could peek inside their fridge right away from your smart phone.

Many smart refrigerators are also equipped with integrated LCD touchscreens. From here, users can browse the Internet, stream music or stream a television broadcast directly from their phones. Or, they can connect a smart phone to the LCD screen and make calls directly from the refrigerator.

It is important to note that smart refrigerators can also save your clients money: they know when energy is cheapest, so they defrost during off-peak hours, such as the middle of the night or early in the morning. You can also remotely turn down the thermostat to save energy when you’re not at home. Finally, these refrigerators are equipped with LED lighting that uses less energy and lasts longer than traditional bulbs. Certain types of lights can have bulbs run on a timer, and they can even be set to display different colors.

Smart Ovens

Smart ovens are capable of letting users plan and prepare their meals from their smartphones. A cooking management app stores recipes, generates shopping lists, and can automatically adjust temperatures and cooking times when cooking.

Homeowners can control the temperature their oven remotely, and can also keep an eye on the self-cleaning feature from a phone.

Smart Washing Machines and Dryers

Washing machines and dryers now have apps that let people remotely monitor their laundry. They send notifications when a washing or drying cycle is done, and sensors can automatically choose the correct cycle for the contents of the machine.

Similar to the smart refrigerators’ money-saving abilities, apps let you download improved cycles that wash and dry clothes more efficiently and save energy. Also, they connect with the power grid via Wi-Fi and automatically run when electricity rates are lowest. Finally, these machines can diagnose themselves so users can troubleshoot any problems.

Smart Dishwashers

Many people know that washing a full load of dishes with the dishwasher consumes less energy and water than washing them by hand. But consumers may still want to be sure that they’re not wasting hot water and electricity when they run the dishwasher. Smart dishwashers have technology that helps to conserve energy and wash dishes efficiently. Sensors inside the machines can evaluate the contents and automatically adjust the water temperature and the wash cycle, so energy is never wasted during dishwashing. They also have apps that let users evaluate their energy usage, and you can set the dishwasher to begin a cycle during off-peak hours to save money on electricity.

With these smart appliances in mind, you can remind clients of their options in efficiency, money-saving, and energy reduction. With a longer commute, or a new location, or any situation that may arise they can now remotely control energy usage, manage basic features, and have peace of mind that their homes will be running smoothly.

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