Bad Bathroom Design? Overpriced? 12 Reasons Why Agents Can’t Sell a House Fast

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While recent home sales show there are often more buyers than inventory, there are still times when agents can’t sell a house fast. Beyond current market conditions, homes for sale need to appeal to potential buyers. From overpricing to a bad bathroom design, find out twelve reasons why listings won’t sell.

Inflated Listing Price

Savvy buyers recognize an overpriced listing and move on to other houses for sale. Agents need to carefully compare comparable listings and market values to ensure listings are competitively priced. If a home doesn’t sell for more than 30 days, it is time to talk to the sellers about lowering the listing price.

Sniff Around

Sellers grow accustomed to the daily scents around them, including pets, children, and cooking odors. Sniff around the house to determine if it passes snuff. Unpleasant odors deter buyers from making an offer. Encourage sellers to clean the house regularly, open the windows to air it out, and spray odor neutralizer to get rid of smells.

Clutter Everywhere

Much like odors, people also get used to their stuff around the house. Listing a home means cleaning out personal items and putting them away. Buyers should be able to imagine themselves in the place without distractions. Plus, clutter becomes dangerous when toys are on a staircase or tools are by the front door.

Poor Quality Photos and Videos

Buying a house is a visual process for sellers that starts with the listing description and images. Poor quality photos and videos could mean a home gets overlooked. Quality, firsthand photos, and video tours engage buyers and encourage them to see more. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to a library of professional images to enhance their listings.

Crazy Colors

Colors make a difference when it comes to buyers making an offer on a home. Buyers tend to dislike bright colors, such as red or canary yellow, or dark colors, such as burgundy and black. Conversely, white in every room appears like a budget update. Paint is an affordable way to transform a house, and neutral colors appeal to almost everyone.

Bad Bathroom Design

Homeowners and their guests are constantly using the bathroom. Unfortunately, a tired-looking bathroom drives buyers away from the house. Consider a few minor updates, such as modern fixtures, painted walls, and spa accents to make the room more inviting. Motivated sellers may invest in an updated vanity, new floor tiles, and a tub enclosure to refresh the entire space.

Outdated Kitchen

The kitchen is where everyone gathers for meals and life. An outdated kitchen stands out to buyers who want this room ready for living. Quick fixes include new hardware on the cabinets, replacing worn areas of the floors, and painting the cabinets for a new look. Sellers who can invest more benefit from getting energy-efficient appliances to attract more buyers.

Poor Curb Appeal

If a house looks unimpressive from the outside, buyers won’t feel motivated to go inside. Get rid of garbage, old toys, and other items around the yard; ensure the grass is cut and the trees and shrubs are trimmed. Walkways, driveways, and other pathways to the house should be unobstructed and well-lit. Add dashes of fast curb appeal with solar lighting, potted plants, clean lawn furniture, and seasonal decor. 

Improper Staging

Staging a home makes it more attractive to buyers, who instantly imagine themselves enjoying activities there. The proper staging enhances the best features of the house and downplays any negative areas. Conversely, poor staging typically means the house is cluttered with items that make it impossible for buyers to see the possibilities. 

Worn Floors and Rugs

Broken floor tiles, scratched wood flooring, and threadbare rugs all make a house look poorly maintained. The floors are one of the first things people see when they walk into a home. Encourage the sellers to replace or repair the flooring and rugs for a whole new look on a budget. 

Old-Fashioned Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are two more features buyers see before they view the rest of the house. Worn front doors and broken windows deter buyers from inquiring about a listing. Replacing a few windows and doors gives the interior and exterior of the house a fresh feel. Sellers on a budget can get new window treatments to improve the appearance of older windows.

Lack of Lighting

When buyers enter a dark home, they are often unable to see its beauty. Plus, dark houses feel unwelcoming and old-fashioned. Open the windows and doors to let in plenty of natural light. Add modern lighting fixtures and lamps throughout the home to illuminate all the rooms so that buyers can look around comfortably. Agents looking to sell a house fast need to communicate with sellers. For example, a bad bathroom design, overpricing, and other things could hold up a sale. Honest agents who work with sellers to create an inviting environment sell houses faster – and get more referrals.

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