Fun Ways to Attract Pet Lovers to Houses for Sale

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Often real estate agents encourage sellers to put away all telltale signs of their lives, including evidence of pets residing at the house. However, agents looking for a niche may find the perfect combination with pet enthusiastic sellers and buyers. Discover fun and effective ways to attract pet lovers to houses for sale without compromising the comfort of anyone involved.

Pet-Friendly Oases

To maintain safety, sellers should get pets settled into a space away from the traffic coming through the house. Both the pets and potential buyers feel more comfortable when critters are contained. Create pet-friendly oases throughout the home and yard to show where pets would be cozy, such as a luxury dog house by the backyard deck or a pretty birdcage in the recreation room. Buyers should be able to imagine their fur babies basking in the benefits of the house.

Just Add Leash and Water Bowl

While putting treats out might not be a good idea, display pet-friendly items throughout the house. Hang a dog leash on a whimsical hook by the entryway or put a scratching post in the downstairs office. Place a couple of water bowls around the house. Encourage interested and qualified buyers to bring their pets to visit with the permission of the sellers. Many buyers today want to have their pets participate in the process to ensure their comfort.

Spotlight on Neighborhood Hot Spots for Pets

Offer a handout at open houses and showings with information about local venues for pets and animal lovers to get buyers interested in the community. Include veterinarians, pet groomers, pet stores, dog parks, animal shelters, and breeders. Also, post this information on social media and blogs. Encourage reciprocal referrals to find more pet-friendly buyers and sellers.

Moving Tips for Buyers and Sellers With Pets

Another interesting topic to share on handouts and social media is moving tips for buyers and sellers with pets, and offering ways to help pet lovers ensure a safe and comfortable transition helps agents stand out from the competition. A trustworthy agent who becomes a valuable resource for pet enthusiasts gets more referrals.

Floor Versus Carpet

Keep pets’ and homeowners’ needs in mind when showing houses as pet-friendly places. Most pet owners prefer flooring over carpeting because it is easy to clean. Throw rugs are typically put down to make pets feel comfortable. Consider getting rid of carpeted and refinishing the floors to make the most more appealing to pet owners.

Eliminate Odors

Sellers might not recognize the scents of their pets, but potential buyers are sure to be put off by unpleasant smells. Clean up regularly to eliminate odors from litter boxes, cages, tanks, and bedding to ensure the house smells fresh.

Fenced Yard

One of the most significant features animal lovers want is a fenced yard. Regular fencing appeals to dog and cat owners and buyers who wish to maintain chicken coops and other small animals in the yard. An electric fence is ideal to appeal to dog lovers who want to keep their fur babies safe at home. Showcase these features in listing descriptions, with images to help buyers imagine their families there.

Pet Bath In-House

Another feature coveted by many dog owners, especially since the pandemic, is a pet bath built into the home. Since quarantine meant many groomers were closed, pet lovers learned to do it themselves – and want to continue after the pandemic. Share photos of the pet bath in listings and marketing materials with accessories such as pet shampoo and brushes – and encourage conversation on social media. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate affiliated agents have access to a dynamic social media network to spread the word about real estate updates.

Treats and Magazines

While treats should never be given to visiting pets directly, displaying jars of pet snacks is a welcoming touch. In addition, put out books and magazines showcasing pets and their owners having fun at home to give buyers ideas.
Use these light-hearted strategies to corner the pet lovers’ housing market in your neighborhood. Agents who adopt the right niche for their comfort zone enjoy the best word of mouth marketing – and plenty of future referrals to list houses for sale from other pet enthusiasts.

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