Real Estate Roundup – November 17, 2017


All the Real Estate News That’s Fit to Round Up!

How to Create a Plan That Keeps Your Real Estate Team Motivated
Jeff Martel, broker and owner of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate 43° North, describes the best ways to create long-term success for teams. Balance and opportunity are keys to keeping teams motivated.

Four Mistakes That Can Lead to Real Estate Wholesaling Disaster
Some real estate investors consider wholesaling to be a perfect short-term investment. Wholesaling requires minimal out-of-pocket funding that can roll over to finished transactions worth thousands or tens of thousands in mere weeks. There are four big mistakes to avoid in real estate wholesaling. Find out what they are.

Augmented Reality: The Latest in Real Estate Technology
Manufacturers and home furnishing companies are at the forefront of the home augmented reality revolution. By projecting a computer-generated image of an object in real life, augmented reality allows consumers to see what a potential purchase will look like in their space.

10 Years After the Crash, the Boom Times Are Back in Real Estate—but Way Different
It’s been 10 years since the real estate crash that precipitated the Great Recession, and today’s market seems similar to the real estate boom that preceded the epic bust. Explore the key differences between then and now.


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