Real Estate Resource Roundup – 11/25/15

Real Estate Resource Roundup

It’s just about time for Thanksgiving!

We know what you’re grateful for this year: the Real Estate Resource Roundup! So set the oven timer, prepare the pie, and settle in for a great holiday weekend because the latest industry updates and real estate news are here.

2016: The Return of a Feel-Good Real Estate Market?
Industry leaders discuss predictions in real estate for 2016, including a strengthening of the market, and more opportunity for Latinas and LGBT buyers to purchase homes.

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Increase 5.5 Percent in Year to September
Home prices in 20 U.S. cities climbed more than forecast in September from the same month last year, signaling residential real estate is sustaining momentum.

Why the Housing Rebound Hasn’t Lifted the U.S. Economy Much
According to the Federal Reserve, home equity has roughly doubled since house prices hit bottom in 2011, resulting in a homeowners’ equity nearing the point seen a decade ago, before the downturn.

Even After a Rate Hike, the Fed Will Probably Keep Rates Unusually Low for Years
Some speculate a spike in interest rates would make it harder for the central bank to achieve its goal of two percent inflation.

Retirement Boom to Change What Houses Look Like
Due to a surge in retirement, a growing trend for multi-generational living is likely. New-home builders may see an increasing demand for two master bedrooms to accommodate this change.

Millennials Investing in Rental Properties
For all the talk about the so-called millennial generation — often defined as those between ages eighteen and thirty-four — being slow to move toward homeownership, some young adults are, surprisingly, drawn to real estate as an investment opportunity.

How Your Small Business Success Is Linked to Facebook’s Success
Recent news of Facebook financial results have surpassed expectations and highlighted the value of an effective Facebook business page.

In case you missed it here on Clean Slate, we sat down with director of talent attraction Bret Calltharp in our “Ten Questions With” series to discuss real estate, his accomplished career, and his role model! And if you have a few minutes, please participate in our “Real Estate and Social Media” survey. We’d like to find out how you’re using social media to build your business, and if you’re not, we’d love to know why. As always, be sure to follow #BHGRE on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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