Stand Out From the Crowd – Innovative Real Estate Marketing Strategies


Real estate is a competitive industry. Masterful marketing techniques get your voice heard above the clamoring crowd. A creative marketing plan brands your business and efficiently showcases available properties. Discover innovative real estate marketing strategies to put your offerings in the spotlight.

Create a Notable Web Presence

Everyone searches online for all types of needs, including homes for sale or rent. A notable web presence ensures your real estate business shows up in relevant search queries. Your website should be professional, navigable, and modern. All the pages should load instantly, including those with images and graphics. Establish social media pages for your company on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Try newer kids on the block, such as SnapChat, to reach millennial clients. Incorporate relevant keywords into all of your online content. Use hashtags when you post on social media. A strong web presence improves your search engine rankings.

Create a Blog

Most real estate companies have a blog where they post fresh content. A blog creates an easy opportunity to update your website frequently. New content attracts possible clients and search engines. Plus, a blog is a fantastic opportunity for branding. Develop a unique voice and approach on your blog. Appealing content may include maps, charts, guides, graphs, surveys, updated statistics, and interviews with local entrepreneurs. Showcase neighborhood events and attractions. Blog about hot properties as soon as they are listed. Share your blog entries on social media. Take this strategy to the next level by writing content for other industry sites and include a backlink to your business.

Humanize Your Brand

It takes more to make meaningful connections than wishing people a happy holiday or telling them to have a beautiful day. Humanizing your brand requires humor, imagination, and an authentic approach. Do you want to attract family buyers? Post fun photos of your family at local parks, events, and restaurants. Are you focused on people who wish to find pet-friendly properties? Include adorable images of your dog or cat romping in the neighborhood. Create a whimsical article with memes to make people smile. PicMonkey and Imgflip are two sites you can use to create your own funny memes. Participate in charitable local events and encourage others to support them in your social media posts, blogs, and press releases. Fortune magazine reports millennials prefer companies that give to charity.

Create a Compelling Video Tour

All listing have a basic description and images. But only some include a compelling video tour. Walk through the house and take a video of all the rooms. Include a layout in your listing description to state the plan on each floor. If the home has a finished basement or garage with a workshop, include it in your tour. Video tours are convenient for people outside the neighborhood who want to relocate. It is the ultimate convenience for companies with relocation services and people who need to move for their careers. And do you want to take this strategy to the next level? Use a Matterport 3D scanner and 360 camera to capture a three-dimensional tour create an amazing virtual reality presentation. Buyers will feel like they are at the property for sale, even if they are hundreds of miles away.

Capture Email Lists for Marketing Campaigns

Buying email lists is not nearly as effective as gathering your own. Irresistible free offers encourage people to share their email addresses. Create a useful report or ebook, such as tips for buying or selling a house. Offer free market valuations at your real estate website.. As visitors provide their email addresses for free reports or home valuations and agree to receive future correspondence, you compile a list of leads. Develop an email campaign that offers useful market updates and the latest local listings to send to these potential clients.

Real estate agents who look beyond the usual generate the most business. Clients want to work with a tech-savvy professional with a one-of-a-kind vision for success. Employ innovative real estate marketing strategies to attract more clients and close more deals than ever before.

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