Core Values: The Heart of Every Business

Core values educate current and potential clients, staff and the public about a company’s culture. They offer external and internal business advantages, such as supporting the overall vision, shaping the culture and reflecting values. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate serves the industry and local communities via core values of Passion, Authenticity, Inclusion, Growth and Excellence (P.A.I.G.E). The NextPAIGE awards recognize industry professionals under the age of 30 who have lived by these core values in their personal and professional lives. They understand why core values are essential to success. Supporting the overall vision Core values guide where a company is going and why it exists. Business is no longer about just making money; it should also include efforts to make the world a better place. Core values craft a vision that does not react with the times; rather, it provides a refuge from uncertainty. These consistent values give agents clarity on the purpose and direction of everyday tasks. Shaping the culture Communication is vital when expressing what is important to a company. It is also a tool to recruit and retain clients. When potential agents are readily informed of a company’s focus, they are much more likely to make a well-thought-out decision on whether they are a good fit. Any organization benefits from a set of strong core values to engage agents and create performance goals, and everyone can benefit from knowing the WHY of a company’s values. Reflecting values In uncertain times, employment is a true possession. Agents, brokers and clients seek refuge in core values. Companies should base their core values on what will remain timeless. In times of both prosperity and hardship, kindness and knowledge are valued. The strongest companies cherish what is timeless. The values of Passion, Authenticity, Inclusion, Growth and Excellence apply to every affiliated real estate professional every day. Congratulations to each winner of the NextPAIGE awards for their continuous dedication and stellar performance. Your commitment to P.A.I.G.E. is a tremendous example.

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