Real Estate Insights of 2015: Packing up for the Future

Real Estate Insights of 2015: Packing up for the Future -

What have we learned throughout this year, and how is the real estate industry changing? With another year almost behind us, it’s time to look back on our most valuable moments, and transform them into opportunities. Now is the perfect time to take note of the best industry advice, reconnect with fellow agents and clients, and reflect on professional accomplishments. We’ve collected our favorite 10QW insights and anecdotes from top real estate professionals to take with us into 2016.

The Most Valued Traits in the Workplace:

Joshua Tanner, President and CEO/Qualifying Broker at Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Generations: Authenticity – I truly believe one of the best characteristics in any organization is the authentic nature of the leadership and team members. Too many times you have people who create a false sense of reality around themselves because they escalate the truth just a little. I am authentic in nature, almost to a flaw. Sometimes, I “tell it like it is” when maybe I should add a little sugar to sweeten it up and make it more exciting. At least, that’s what my business partner tells me anyway.

Debbie Ashbrook, Director of business services and solutions at BHGRE®: I have a passion for the real estate business. After 33 years, I have seen it all and it still remains as the best career where one can control their own destiny. Innovation is important. I personally became totally paperless in my life two years ago as I strived for growth in my life. One of the best things I have ever done.

Revered Characteristics for an Agent:

Christopher Gucciardo, broker and Executive Vice President of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Atlantic Shores: This is a people business and I am genuinely fascinated by people. I love the process of building rapport with someone when you first meet. When I meet someone and ask them about themselves, I truly want to know. Everyone has a story and if we all paid a little more attention to each other we would all learn so much more about ourselves.

Daniel Rand, managing partner at Better Homes and Gardens® Rand Realty: I would say that my most crucial characteristic has been persistence. I spend a lot of time practicing objection handling so that I can feel comfortable overcoming them routinely.

Highly Regarded Qualities in Clients:

Toni Nelson, Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Gary Greene Director of Strategic Initiatives: Customers that expect the best and want to work with someone they feel will get them where they want to go. I enjoy working with someone that challenges you in your knowledge and tests your true motives in the transaction. In return, they receive someone that treats them like family and builds a life-long relationship.

Alyssa Hellman, director of the Go School of Real Estate: I love customers that share their excitement with me. We’re all part of each other’s stories, not just as agents or leaders, but as people. Learning about your customers and sharing in their stories is an important role that we hold. Buying or selling a home can be a stressful process. Our ability to share in the excitement and special moments with our customers is really special.

The Value of Social Media:

Amy Lippincott, team lead at Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Gary Greene: I love being able to keep up with friends and family.

Daniel Rand, managing partner at Better Homes and Gardens® Rand Realty: I like having a database of contacts from my past.

Philosophies to Remember for 2016, and for Always:

Shawna Bass, REALTOR®, MCNE, CMRS, TAHS, of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Gary Greene: “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It goes without saying that fear is the number one thing that holds people back from accomplishing goals. I would tell my younger self to take that fear and turn it into drive. Push past it and know that once you get to the other side of fear, the sky opens up and you can see the light. Just keep going or the fear will keep you stuck in place, unable to move forward. I still deal with bouts of fear and every encounter makes me stronger. I have to credit Karlton Utter with helping me push past one of my recurring fears, picking up the phone.

Bret Calltharp, Director of Talent Attraction, BHGRE®: I’m a big believer in the Japanese philosophy of “kaizen.” Kaizen roughly means “continuous incremental improvement” and ever since I heard about it in business school it’s had a powerful effect on my life, both personally and professionally. In the face of adversity or negativity, a lot of people are tempted to blow everything up and start fresh out of frustration trying to reach a goal. Instead, if you just seek out each day to do one or two things to get closer to that goal, be just a bit better than before, over time you’ll be much more likely to accomplish it. As for my younger self – I think I’d tell him to not confuse loyalty with stagnation. If you’re in an environment where you’re not growing, not engaged, you should change the scenery.

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