Seven Reasons Real Estate Drone Photography Generates More Leads


Compelling images, well-written property descriptions, and colorful images are cornerstones for real estate marketing success. Buyers want to read about and see the property before taking action. The right imagery generates leads and helps close deals faster. Discover seven key reasons why real estate drone photography has become a leading way to help agents market and sell property.

Provide an Enticing Overview of the Property

Since the middle of the 19th century, people strove to capture aerial images for a fresh perspective. Adventurous commercial photographers launched up cameras on hot air balloons, kites, and helicopters to get a bird’s eye view. The first modern drones appeared during the 1980s. Now drones are the preferred way to get incredible panoramic views of properties.

Aerial photos capture beautiful properties with features such as architectural landscaping, swimming pools, gardens, and outbuildings. Martha Stewart uses drone photography to take aerial shots of her expansive Bedford property documenting the natural beauty of the evolving landscape. She explains how drones simplify capturing a bird’s eye view. Savvy real estate agents use real estate drone photography to market sellers’ expansive properties and attract buyers who are genuinely interested.

Dare to Be Different and Stand Out From the Crowd

Real estate listings often contain several photos of the property with a brief description. Real estate agents gain distinction by providing professional images and video with detailed descriptions. With more agents using these tools, real estate drone photography has become the ultimate way to stand out from the crowd.

DIY drone photography can be tricky, as federal regulations govern where and how drones can be used, including how high they can fly. Most real estate agents hire a drone photography service to get the best images without any hassles. Buyers get an opportunity to see the property from an angle that shows everything.

Tour the Town From A Computer

People always want to see the neighborhood around a house. Use drone images to show the area surrounding a home by panning over the block. Take it further by touring the town. Potential buyers don’t need to leave the comfort of computers to see if the area is what they want, maximizing the potential of an agent’s digital marketing efforts.

Showcase areas of interest, such as parks, schools, recreational facilities, shopping malls, and stadiums. Buyers who want to live in towns with these venues will be interested in finding out more about the property. And this also works to attract buyers who wish to be further away from the hustle and bustle when you sell property located in a more remote area.

Focus on Features

Buyers want specific features when they search for properties. Drone photography is an excellent way to showcase high ceilings, gourmet kitchens, and gorgeous gardens. Use complementary descriptions with relevant keywords. Include an appropriate keyword in the ALT tags of the images. These strategies ensure the images are picked up by the search engines, so more people find them.

Share feature photos on social media and the real estate agency blog. Buyers will see them when they look for properties with these amenities. Then the aerial photos bring the features to the forefront with clarity and vivid colors that attract the eye. Buyers can better visualize themselves living in the house and neighborhood.

Superior Presentation

Marketers often state it’s all in the presentation when it comes to boosting sales. Real estate drone photography is used to create superior presentations to market and sell property faster. Potential buyers get a realistic overview of the property. When they contact a real estate agent, they are already interested in seeing it and making a deal.

Typical photos might not capture everything about a property or showcase its best features. Buyers might overlook the home or think it has what they need and be disappointed. Real estate agents save time by showing homes to people who legitimately like them. Properties are sold faster with fewer showings that could disrupt sellers residing in the house. As a result, real estate agents gain respect from both buyers and sellers.

Take It To the Next Level With Drone Videos

Real estate drone photography goes beyond still images overlooking a property. Agents take it to the next level with drone videos of large properties. Buyers see each detail of the property. Panning over deep forests, lush landscapes, quaint ponds, endless fields, and vast mansions pique the buyers’ interest.

Drone photographers create virtual video tours using aerial images. Potential buyers view the interior and exterior of the property in detail, which is helpful for out-of-state buyers, luxury buyers, and busy investors. An effective virtual video tour encourages these discerning buyers to schedule an in-person viewing of the property.

Provide an Interactive Experience

Drone photography is a cost-effective way to provide an interactive experience. Professional photographers create imagery and videos with links to jump from one place or room to another. Viewers have control over how and what they view, with the ability to zoom in on parts they want to see more clearly.

Potential buyers get swept up in the dramatic images as they tour the property. The dynamic experience is memorable, alluring, and gives buyers a reason to want more. Getting buyers to take action increases an agent’s leads.

Real estate drone photography has become one of the best ways to sell property fast and generate more leads. Agents boost profits by harnessing the power of this innovative technology to market properties and give buyers want they want.

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