How to Use a Real Estate Coaching Program to Recruit the Best New Agents


Attracting top talent to a brokerage helps expand the business and increase profits. Often it takes more than a fair commission split and necessary training to bring key personnel into the office. Discover how to use a real estate coaching program to recruit the best new agents and help them develop superior leadership qualities.

Goals of a Coaching Program

Coaching programs go beyond preliminary training into day-to-day strategies for success. New agents require instruction and supervision to learn how to achieve the best possible marketing and sales results. Producing strong agents encourages retention to help the brokerage grow and be increasingly profitable. Coaching is also an opportunity to teach new agents about unique strategies and systems to help them achieve or exceed their goals. Plus, coaching sessions can be added to general training for a more one-on-one approach. Providing this level of instruction and guidance is a first step toward attracting some of the most talented new agents.

Ongoing Support for Continued Success

Training is typically a one-and-done educational opportunity. Agents gain knowledge then must figure out on their own how to apply this knowledge in the field. Coaching provides ongoing support to new agents to help them learn how to connect with clients, market properties, and close the deals. As an agent learns, a coach offers meaningful input about execution and performance to help agents get more leads. Brokerages offering coaching services attract agents looking for that extra level of assistance to jumpstart their careers.

Social Media Exposure

Offer real estate coaching and training tips via social media to let agents know the brokerage offers the latest ways to achieve success. Agents and potential clients will visit these informational sessions to learn more and then share the link with others. Millennial talent gets all or most of its information about jobs and education online. Sharing on social media will help attract millennial agents who are ready to help first-time homebuyers and other clients who speak their language. A brokerage with older agents should initiate a social media campaign to get the attention of young talent.

Enhanced Training Opportunities

When hundreds or thousands of agents complete the same training course, they take a similar approach to their careers. General training is typically straightforward, with no interactive opportunities to ask questions or gain a greater understanding of the material. Coaching is a communicative process that enables agents to chat, question, and implement ideas in a productive way that supports their future success. New agents are drawn to this method because they can get essential feedback to help them get established in the industry.

Stay on Top of Digital Marketing Strategies

Everyone goes online to find a house, which means all agents should know the basics of digital marketing. Search engine optimization, content creation, social media sharing, and other tactics give agents a competitive edge. Google is continuously improving its algorithms, so content creators must be aware of these changes. Coaches direct an agent’s attention toward digital marketing and other methods of generating leads and developing meaningful relationships with existing clients. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to the Be Better University® to attend live classes, peruse class materials, and view on-demand learning materials to enhance their understanding and performance.

Give Them What They Want

Tools such as online surveys, Facebook groups, and interactive messaging help brokerages understand what new agents want from prospective employers. Chatting with new agents to see what they are looking for helps brokerages tailor coaching programs to empower them to start earning money. Offer customized coaching programs for new and existing agents to keep the brokerage profitable and growing.

Focus on Teamwork

Agents who work together share significant accomplishments. From creating an authoritative blog to selling luxury homes, there are various ways to teach agents to maximize their time and talents through collaboration. Brokerages should convey the commission structure and emphasize the benefits of closing deals in creative ways as a team to avoid missed opportunities. Closing a deal together is better than watching the sale go to the competition. And coaching can help agents find productive ways to put their heads together to generate more leads. Agents with superior leadership qualities stand the test of time and earn a generous income. Use a real estate coaching program to attract some of the top new agents and help them surpass their expectations of the first year.  Agents who achieve this level of success will be loyal to the brokerage that provided the training and coaching to help make it happen.

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