Real Estate Agents and Customer Service

Posted by Wendy Forsythe

It’s no secret that our industry doesn’t score high marks for customer service or trustworthiness. We are usually ranked on the bottom half of the scale, alongside used car salespeople and mechanics!

To see how one small change, or even one degree, can make a huge difference watch this video.  Then challenge yourself and those around you to commit to making small changes that will result in changing the public’s perception of today’s and tomorrow’s real estate professionals.

What if every agent made some small changes in how they treat their customers and clients? What if every agent:

  • Responded a little faster to online inquiries
  • Returned phone calls with a little more urgency
  • Listened a little more intently
  • Asked questions that put the expectations of the buyer or seller before their own
  • Made personal contact after they picked up their commission check to make sure the client was okay.

What kind of impact would these small changes have on the general impression of our profession? I bet the change would be huge!

By and large, our small actions have resulted in our less than stellar reputation for customer service. Small actions got us here and they can also change the tide in a positive direction.

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