Real Estate 101: Communicating with your clients


Communication is the key to success as a real estate agent. It’s the one thing that brands your services while also separating you from direct competitors. However, not all communication is created equal. With today’s technological landscape, face-to-face interactions are often limited. The Internet and social media platforms have become the preferred means of communication. However, you can still provide positive, long-lasting impressions with both modern-day and traditional communication outlets simply by using these proper tactics.

Listen with the intent to understand

As Stephen R. Covey once said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

While it is your job to communicate and to address your clients’ concerns and inquiries, it’s just as important to first take the time to listen and understand their needs. Learning to listen with the intent to understand will nurture leads, as it shows your interest in what potential clients are saying. Create the impression that you care about their time and investment, and not just the deal. As such, it’s crucial to respond in a timely manner to all phones calls and emails. When with clients, place your cell phone on silent, install an auto reply text message application that informs incoming calls and texts that you’re in a meeting and give your clients your undivided attention.

Offer Various Means of Contact

In real estate, timing is everything. Timing can mean the difference between confirming a new client and losing current clients, and it can also be the difference between closing a deal and losing a bidding war. Therefore, you must offer your clients various means of contact so you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Additionally, different clients prefer different forms of communication. If you’re offering services to an elderly couple, they may prefer phone calls to emails, and if you’re selling real estate to millennials, text messages or Skype may be their preferred means of communication. Offer several ways for clients to connect with you.

Keep your body language positive

It’s important to remember your body language. Regardless of how comfortable it is to cross your arms, lean on a wall, or look around the room while someone else is talking, these non-verbal cues send your clients a negative impression. Keep your attention on them the entire time. Make eye contact with the speaker and remember to match your facial expressions with the conversation.

Offer solutions

A powerful communication tactic is to respond with a solution. Your job is to help clients find the answer they’re looking for, and communication is the key to doing just that. When clients share complaints about their current home, express their concerns about the housing market, or voice their reason for buying or selling, this is your opportunity to provide advice that will help them overcome these challenges. This tactic requires attentive listening combined with asking the right questions, and when done properly, you will be able to brand yourself as the ultimate solution for all their real estate needs. Without proper communication, success is hard to come by. Strengthen your skills with these tactics and prepare for your real estate business to prevail.

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