Ready for your close-up? 6 Easy Video Techniques You Can Do Right From Your Smartphone



We all know that it is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing yourself in real estate. But some of it can be a bit overwhelming. I would like to introduce six easy video techniques that we can all do in five minutes on our smartphones.

  1. Testimonials. Do not overlook the power of a testimonial from a buyer or seller. Please be sure to get the clients consent before recording and make sure that they are comfortable with doing it. It is a quick question, “Could you please share what you enjoyed the most about working with me?” This is something you can share on YouTube, Vimeo, and in your email marketing.  You can also build it right into your buyer and seller presentations.
  2. Virtual walk-throughs. After getting the listing and staging the home, ask the homeowner if you can do a two-minute walk-through introducing the home. At the end, flip the video to “selfie” mode and introduce yourself with your contact info.  Don’t forget to say “If you want to buy this home, please give me a call today.” You could also set up a video account with Ustream and do a live walk-through for your network. This video can be posted and tagged to YouTube, Vimeo, and other social networks. It can also be included in your email marketing campaigns.
  3. Slideshows. There are several apps (such as Flipagram or Photogrid) that allow users to create picture and video slideshows. This is a fun way to combine video and photos to engage the consumer.
  4. Instant responses. Shoot a 30-second selfie video and use it as your default response to all calls and emails that you cannot answer immediately. The dialogue would be the same as your voice mail message but in a video form – this will help create an instant connection and differentiate you from other REALTORS®.
  5. Multiple offers. Want to add a little spice to your buyers’ offer during a multiple-offer situation?  Shoot a brief video of the buyers explaining why they want to buy that home. What they love about the home. Why they can see themselves living there.  Try to keep it under 60 seconds and to the point. You can show this video while presenting the offer in person or send it as an email attachment to the listing REALTOR®.
  6. Thank you’s. As a society, we have gotten away from sending thank-you cards. Although handwritten letters are still effective, consider sending customized thank-you video messages to:
    1. Every attendee at your open house
    2. REALTORS® for showing your properties
    3. Sellers for letting you preview their home

Have fun with your video and do not overthink it. One or two takes. If it isn’t working out, don’t stress out about it. Move on to something else and try it again later.

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