How to Create Cozy Outdoor Living Spaces in Any Home

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Whether your listings have small patios or large yards to work with, the key to attracting buyers to these homes is to create cozy outdoor living spaces in them.

Tiny balconies, open courtyards, expansive decks, and great green grassy areas can all easily transform into comfortable places that will lure in prospective homeowners. When thinking about how to create cozy outdoor living spaces, you just need to be focused, selective, and creative.

Follow our tips on creating a cozy outdoor living space and you will end up with the perfect place to amplify buyers’ lifestyles.

Before you start creating your cozy outdoor living area, though, put some thought into the orientation of your space. Does it face neighbors? Is there plenty of light? What will the space be used for? 

After you’ve taken a good look at the area you want to transform, use this guide to create the cozy outdoor living space:

Choose Furniture Wisely

A cozy outdoor living space must have comfortable furniture. The type of furniture you choose will depend on the size of the area you’re working with and the atmosphere you want to create. Regardless of the size, though, you need to make sure you buy sturdy and quality pieces of furniture. 

Style also plays a part in creating a cozy outdoor living space. Choose pieces that would fit in perfectly in a living room or conservatory. Think about how you can create a social space with chairs, sofas, and side tables. Group pieces together with a cozy rug.

Make a Plan for Cover

Enjoying time in nature and the elements is part of the appeal of an outdoor living space. Therefore, make a plan for a patio or outdoor cover that offers protection from sun and rain while allowing the ability to linger outside.

Pergolas, sail shades, and umbrellas are all relatively inexpensive and easy to set up.

Play with Lighting and Textiles

Lighting and textiles can turn an ordinary outdoor living space into an extraordinary one. You need to play up lighting and textiles for maximum effect, especially when you have limited square footage to work with, 

Think about adding wire-free solar lights to your outdoor space (but pay attention to how much light the product puts out – your space may need extra lighting to be effective). Cozy up metal furniture with new cushions and pillows, and add throw blankets for even more coziness.

Infuse Plants into Your Space

Solidify the concept of indoor/outdoor living by infusing plants into your space. Place leafy trees in corners and add potted plants to tables. Use vines on trellises to block unsightly views and to provide privacy.

The goal when creating a cozy outdoor living space is to achieve a seamless connection between the inside and outside of a home. So, arrange plants outside as you would indoors and pay special attention to the containers you choose (make them attractive).

Add Soothing Garden Features

There’s something about noises in nature that promote a soothing state of being. So, when designing your cozy outdoor living space, add features like fountains. 

The soft trickling sound of water is sure to create comfort. There are many places where you can buy affordable and easy-to-set-up fountains that may also bring you the soothing sounds of bathing birds.

Create Quite Zones

While outdoor living spaces are good for gathering, sometimes homeowners want to relax outside by themselves. Quite zones that incorporate comfy chairs, hammocks, chaise lounges, and floor pillows are great for napping, reading, meditating, and rejuvenating (buyers love them).

Other tips for creating cozy outdoor living spaces include:

  • Bring warmth with a fireplace. Fireplaces and fire pits have their place in all seasons, making them the perfect addition to a cozy outdoor living area.
  • Utilize space for an outdoor dining ‘room’. Choose a table and chairs that would look beautiful indoors, and set the table with placemats and dinnerware.
  • Spruce up floors with indoor/outdoor coverings. Artificial grass, carpets, and interlocking wood tiles turn boring outdoor spaces into inviting ones.
  • Accessorize with artwork and mirrors. Go all out with the decor in your outdoor living space and make it special with fun options like you’ll find at stores like Walmart.

By following these tips to creating a cozy outdoor living space, you can quickly and easily transform any outdoor area into one that potential buyers find simply dreamy.

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