Joining the “Triiibe”

Posted by Wendy Forsythe

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon of rest and relaxation until the blinking red light of the Blackberry caught my eye from across the room. I couldn’t resist. After skimming through about dozen messages, I came across a direct Twitter message from Seth Godin. What was this? A mysterious message instructing me to visit a website for more information on an exclusive group Seth was inviting me to join. Well, forget rest and relaxation, I couldn’t power up my laptop fast enough.

The gist of the campaign is that Seth reached out via Twitter to people who are following him (I admit, I’m a follower and a big fan) and then, through his website, invites you to join his “exclusive” Triiibes social media forum. If you believe that only a limited number of special people like myself (LOL) got this invitation then the only barrier to entry was to supply a receipt showing you pre-purchased his new book due out in October, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.

Although I couldn’t find out exactly how many people in total have joined the site, I can see that “recently added” tracker totals 3,461. So we know Seth got at least that many books presold. I’m betting he hits the bestsellers list on his release week.

I’d really like to know how many of those members originated from a direct Twitter message. Has Seth unlocked a business application for Twitter and found another Purple Cow?

 Very interesting!

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