Lights out for “Earth Hour 2008” on March 29

Posted by Kevin Doell

This is cool.

Tomorrow I’m kicking off a company-wide employee green Task Force and, wouldn’t you know it, someone sent me a link to Earth Hour 2008. Great timing. Check out the video above.

It’s a pretty simple idea that is intriguing, though immensely complicated to execute I bet. On Saturday, March 29th, the organizers at Earth Hour (the folks from the World Wildlife Fund, WWF) are asking everyone to turn off their lights from 8-9 p.m., local time, in the fight to reduce global warming.

Last year, they pulled this off in Sydney and claimed to have had 2.2 million residents join in. This year, their Web site points to a host of partner cities that are participating, including Chicago and Atlanta in the U.S. and dozens more around the world. They even have a corporate counter that is tallying the number of companies registering their participation. At the time of this post, they are nearing the 12,000 mark. 190,000 individuals have joined as well.

Cool site. Well done, with lots of prepackaged items to spur people along on a downloads page. It’s a great template on how to arm people for a grass roots campaign.

The great idea embedded here is the simple notion to get involved in the growing number of these community-based events that are tapping into the tremendous interest and energy of the green movement. What a perfect opportunity to make a difference while connecting with others.

The fact that I’m just seeing this now makes me feel like I’ve been living in a cave. Has anyone else heard of this one? I’m assuming people have because the site is horribly slow and I’m hoping it’s because it’s getting crushed with traffic.

Be patient if you check out.

Earth Hour 2008

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