How VR Is Changing the Real Estate Industry


Virtual reality is inarguably changing the real estate industry. It’s a futuristic tool eliminating traditional real estate practices and changing procedures that have otherwise always been deemed as mandatory. Potential homebuyers can now walk through a home to gain a genuine perspective of the property with nothing more than a headpiece and a handheld remote. When done correctly, VR can efficiently show the details of every room, the texture of the materials used to build the home, unique features and astonishing views of the property, all from one location. This is inevitably introducing many changes to the real estate industry, and here’s what you can expect.


Potential Homebuyers Can View Several Properties All from One Location

With virtual reality technology, real estate agents no longer have to take potential homebuyers to visit every house for sale. Instead, they can provide virtual tours of every property, all from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere they choose. This saves both the clients’ and real estate agents’ time, allowing them to focus on the properties that are likely to be more profitable.

Since time is money in such a highly competitive industry, the real estate agents utilizing virtual reality are likely to prevail in comparison to real estate agents restricted their practice to traditional methods.


Real Estate Agents Can Sell a Home from Anywhere in The World

Virtual reality allows homes for sale to be viewed from anywhere. This allows real estate agents to target new audiences, far and wide while also selling properties from anywhere in the world. Real estate agents can now provide their services to people across the state, the country and even across the world. There really is no limitation.

Additionally, real estate agents can provide virtual house tours to local clients who are interesting in relocating or buying a second home in another location. Virtual reality technology allows real estate agents can now bring the property to the client, which has never been a possibility within the industry prior.


Increase Real Estate Practices and Procedures As A Whole

The real estate industry is far from flawless. From inadequate photos, insufficient information, inconvenient processes, and scheduling difficulties, it can be an unpleasant experience for both consumers and real estate agents. Virtual reality has the potential to eliminate unpleasant procedures which will increase efficiently and productivity for both parties.

Real estate agents no longer have to set up several appointments in order to show multiple properties. This instantly eliminates scheduling difficulties, as only one date is needed to show various homes for sale all from one location. With a decrease in travel, virtual reality will help real estate agents save on business costs.

Homebuyers can now spend as much time as they want viewing a property, as they’ll never be rushed out because another potential buyer is coming in.

Real estate agents are also able to see exactly what the homebuyer is looking at during a virtual reality tour. This allows them to address any issues or concerns they may not have known the homebuyer had otherwise.


Virtual Reality Makes Selling a Home Easier on The Sellers

Selling a home can be a rigorous task. As a real estate agent, it can be difficult to ensure home sellers keep their house spotless from the time of listing to the time of closing. It can be difficult for sellers to have to always find alternative arrangements for kids and pets when showings are scheduled, which can interfere with the business-to-consumer relationship. Sellers also have to the leave the house every time their house gets shown, they have the inconvenience of some of their belongings being in storage and so on and so forth.

With virtual reality, the sellers only have to do all of this once. As such, the process of selling a home will be significantly easier on the sellers which could very well entice more people to finally list their home.



Virtual reality has the potential to improve the real estate industry as a whole. From homebuyers to sellers, and real estate agents, everyone involved can now enjoy a better, more efficient process.


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