How to Set Realistic Goals When Planning Your Year


Setting new goals every year is key to furthering your success as a real estate agent. It keeps you motivated, as you continuously striving towards furthering your career. However, not all goals are created equally. In order to keep the momentum thriving, your goals must be realistic and achievable. The secret is all about setting smaller goals that allow you to progressively move towards achieving the larger ones, and here’s how you can do just that.


Use Data and Analytics to Set Realistic Goals

The secret to setting realistic goals is to make sure they’re data-driven. Otherwise, it’s a complete guessing game and you risk setting goals that aren’t obtainable at this time. This will only damage your self-esteem and confidence as you become discouraged, which risks plateauing your success.

So prior to setting any goals, review your prior year’s statistics. If you want to reduce business costs, analyze the amount of money spent in the previous year on marketing, and where it can be decreased moving forward. If you want to increase your income, evaluate your data and crunch numbers based on the current real estate market to determine how many new leads you need to achieve the goal. Once you have established the numbers that pertain to increasing your income, you can then set realistic goals for the future.



Set Goals That Are Important to You

When brainstorming goals to implement for the new year, think about the things important to you. This is a vital step that will refrain you from becoming unmotivated, as you’ll be able to see the value in every goal you set. Without value behind your goals, it can be difficult to put in the time and effort needed to accomplish them. Irrelevant goals or goals that have an outcome you don’t care for aren’t going to help you further your real estate career.

So think about your priorities, values, and morals. If you want to increase your income, think about why you want to do so, such as to take care of your parents, start a family, or to pay off your school debt. The reasons behind your goals can be anything, as long as they have value to you.



Create an Action Plan for Each Goal

No matter how realistic your goals are, if you don’t have an action plan they will be hard to obtain. One of the most important steps to setting realistic goals is to create a set of actions you need to do in order to achieve them.

Start by determining the tasks and steps needed in order for you to reach your goals. If you want to increase your income, become more active on social media, take an online sales course, attend more networking events, etc. Whatever your goal is, it’s important to make sure the smaller steps and tasks are achievable to ensure you remain motivated and striving towards the bigger picture.


Prioritize Your Goals

It simply isn’t enough to have your goals in your mind. You need to put them on paper and organize them accordingly, based on their importance to you. Place the most important goals at the top of the list and slowly tackle them throughout the year. This is a crucial step because if you don’t happen to reach all of your new goals, you can still look back and feel accomplished as you reached the goals that meant the most to you.


Setting realistic goals is the easy part. Committing to the steps you determined in order to accomplish them is often the part where people lose focus. Always keep a reminder in sight, whether on a notepad or on the white board in your office as to why these goals are important to you. That should be enough to keep you on track and trekking towards furthering your career as a real estate agent.




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