How to Create Great Content for Social Media

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The often-quoted phrase “content is king” has never been truer than in the world of social media, where the most results-driven communications are brief, relevant, timely, and attention-getting. And applying this principle is even more essential in the real estate market, where competition and clients’ ever-decreasing attention spans create a need for increasingly targeted, quality content across all social media channels. Follow our tips, backed by research by Lumentus Social.

Go From Good to Great Content with These Topline Tips:

  • Make sure your brand tone is consistent with your personality and provides an authentic, professional portrait of yourself.
  • Post a balanced mix of information and news that is of interest to your audience and promotes your brand. Add questions in your post copy and links to posts and images to engage your audience.
  • Preview your posts when possible so that you can see how they will appear to your audience. Visual content consistently performs well across all channels.
  • Use video whenever possible to generate more impressions.

Social media content is not just about posting to your page; it should also include sharing and commenting on other people’s posts.

  • Make content engaging by using images and copy to invoke a positive emotional response, and by asking questions or reactions of your followers when you do.
  • Build a content calendar so you have a general social media content strategy. See below for a calendar template you can use to get started:


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How to Apply Content Strategy Based on Your Resources:
When it comes to social media content management, it’s important to first gauge how much time and resources you can devote to creating content and posting on various channels. Knowing this number will help determine your strategy for creating great content, based on your User Type:

User Type Posting Frequency Types of Content Considerations for Growth
Power User Multiple times per day Custom content that varies by channel and consistently meets audience expectations. Build your brand and develop a voice that reflects its meaning, spirit, and purpose. Quality is more important than quantity so spend time researching and creating great-looking posts, with original images and video.
Regular User Daily Expanded original content bolstered by licensed tools that can create entertaining posts featuring emojis, pictures, graphics, and videos. Identify companies, such as Shutterstock, that offer reasonably priced images that can be used for social media and other marketing purposes.
Sometimes User 3 to 4 posts per week Blend of original and shared posts that follow a monthly content-posting calendar. Determine whether your posts encourage others to read, like, or provide a comment. Adjust your style and content as needed to promote friend, follower, and connection activity.
New User 1 to 2 posts per week Share interesting news articles and postings about key events in your business. Make consistency a priority by scheduling a specific amount of time each week for social media. By developing a routine, which can be as quick as 15 minutes per week, you can develop a habit that becomes less intimidating and more comfortable as your engagement grows.


To find the full guidelines for taking advantage of the social media resources at your fingertips, download The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Social Media whitepaper here.


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