How a Real Estate Veteran Stays “Hip”

Whether speaking about a sales person, a manager or a company leader, the ability to embrace change is the primary personality trait for those individuals who maintain a ‘hip’ and progressive persona in our business. This is not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination, but remains something that is easier said than done.  The successful agent understands that as customer needs and wants evolve, so must our business vocabulary. Even more, the most successful agents that I have met actually learn to enjoy the changing business environment.

Just take a moment and consider all of the changes that have occurred over the past 10 years alone. In 1998, many agents did not have presentable Web sites or even effectively used e-mail as a communication tool. As time passed however, sales professionals learned to use technology in building and managing their businesses and navigated the advent of VOWs and IDX solutions. Brokers and agents have witnessed the transformation of marketing and advertising from sole focus on newspapers to a primary focus on Internet environments, as well as countless other key changes too numerous to mention here. Now, prospecting and social networking are coming together as building blocks to enlarge an agent’s sphere of influence.

So I am sure that you are asking yourself, “Where will the next key changes affecting our industry be?” The point of this blog is that the answer to that question doesn’t really matter. What matters, is that the “hip” agent will remain wildly optimistic about our business. What matters is for us to remain unbelievably positive about the good that we accomplish in serving the public, as we have done for so many years. Finally, what really matters is that the “hip” broker look to change as a way for our industry to improve and, in so doing, serve our customers and clients in the most effective way possible.

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