Home Staging: Attract More Buyers with These Unique Activity Center Ideas

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Trends data shows that interest in art studios, wine cellars, home bars, and other dedicated activity centers has increased exponentially, while theaters, offices, and gyms are also home features gaining popularity. Home staging efforts, then, should focus on creating these types of spaces to attract buyers.

Prices for these projects fall into quite a vast range depending on a homeowner’s budget and preferences. Many dedicated activity centers are easy and inexpensive to set up. Others involve a bit of work from the homeowner or a professional contractor or stager, and while they can be pricey, the investment often comes back in the form of a higher listing price.

If you’re thinking about talking with your clients about creating a dedicated activity center to attract buyers, share the following unique and popular ideas.

Art Studio

Many people want to be creative in their free time and would love the opportunity to work on art projects at home. Sellers or agents should consider staging an art studio to appeal to buyers looking for an outlet for their passion.

You don’t need a lot of space to set up a dedicated art studio, just an area where drawing, painting, or taking photographs can be a priority. It’s easy to divide a large living room or bedroom and set aside space for art. Set up a desk in a corner or convert a closet.

Fold-down tables are simple to install and rolling carts are perfect for portable shelving.

Wine Cellar

Luxury homes are ideal for wine cellars, but any property with a dedicated space you can manage the temperature will work – and likely impress buyers.

The space you choose for a home wine cellar should be cold and humid, and smaller areas will cost less to maintain the right temperature and humidity.

You’ll need to invest in a high-quality cooling unit and a good wine rack. Soft lighting helps the homeowner see wine bottles and labels.

Home Bar

A proper home bar can be a fun place to entertain and relax while alone. It adds style and design to a space, so consider staging this dedicated activity center in your next listing.

Finding the perfect place for the bar is the first action item. Next, decide whether you want to set up a bar cart, bar side table, or full bar with barstools. Homeowners with a large budget may want to renovate and create a built-in wet bar.

Stocking your must-have spirits, mixers, and bar tools is the last step in creating a home bar. Set the scene with glassware, mixers, and cocktail books too.

Home Theater

Home theaters can be simple or extravagant. Depending on how much space you have to work with and your seller’s budget, you may want to stage something simple like a backyard theater with a pull-down movie screen or a 10-person (or more) theater.

Regardless of where you put your theater, you’ll need a high-quality screen, premier sound system, and supporting components to input video.

Your setup should include comfy seating, and it should be in the right location where the noise won’t bother people in the rest of the house.

Home Office

Home offices are dedicated activity centers that have become a necessity for many. Working at home cuts down on the cost of travel, allows parents to spend more time with kids, and lets small business owners run their companies with little overhead.

To set up a home office and attract buyers, make sure your staging efforts focus on creating a professional environment.

You’ll need a quiet area that allows for privacy. Required furnishings include a desk and chair. File cabinets and seating for clients are optional. Consider the light in a home office. Warm light promotes relaxation while cool white stimulates and improves productivity.


Homes with dedicated activity centers often see more buyer demand. A recent realtor.com® survey reports that properties with dedicated home offices sell faster than listings without one. Showcasing home activity centers through your staging efforts can help attract buyers looking for ways to get more use and enjoyment out of their homes.

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