Google+ for Real Estate: How to Get Into the Game

google plus for real estate

Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying the power of Google+.

With over 359 million active users, gone are the days when you could avoid this so-called “ghost town” of a social media network.

I interviewed Google+ evangelist Peg Fitzpatrick, to find strategic ways to help you integrate Google+ into your real estate business. peg fitzpatrick Peg is a marketing and social media professional who proves daily why this platform simply cannot be overlooked.

Google Plus for Real Estate

Q: Many real estate agents have been slow to make the transition to Google+. Why, in your opinion, should an agent embrace this platform?

The most important reason is social SEO. Google is taking all of your social activity and content on the internet and combining it into higher search results on Google. From Hootsuite’s research, businesses using Google Adwords had “increased marketing performance.

If you use Google AdWords to promote your business, turning on social extensions is essential. When businesses add social annotations to their paid search ads there is a 5-10{0a8e414e4f0423ce9f97e7209435b0fa449e6cffaf599cce0c556757c159a30c} uplift in click thru traffic rate (CTR) back to their site.”

Q: The biggest barrier to entry is learning the ins and outs of a new social network. What are the first steps someone new to Google+ should take to maximize its potential?

Think of Google+ as a combination of fast-paced Twitter with longer form content like Facebook. On Facebook, you are talking with your friends and family, these people are most likely not your next client. You want to meet new people and build up your social SEO for your location and top keywords.

It’s not really learning a whole new social network, you can use all the skills that you’ve learned on Google+ and cross pollinate between the networks to maximize all your efforts. The most important thing on Google+ is creating a bio with links, keywords and compelling text.

Q: Why should agents join communities and how can they strategically use them to market their business?

Communities are the most targeted place to meet people on Google+. You can meet people who want to discuss the same topics as you as well as build your thought leadership on topics that will help boost your Google search with social SEO.

It’s easiest to meet new people in a community on Google+. Focusing on the topics that are most important to you will help you make the best use of your social media time. There’s less empty chatter on Google+ than on Facebook and Twitter.

Q: Can you briefly explain hangouts and how business professionals are using them to connect with consumers?

Google+ hangouts are the ultimate in social connectivity for real estate professionals! Tweet This

They can have a face-to-face meeting in a hangout or have an interview with other professionals to talk about important industry standards or changes. Google+ hangouts on air (HOA) are live events which add excitement and are recorded as they are uploaded directly to YouTube. Videos are highly shareable content and it’s a fantastic way for people to see who you are and what you are all about.

Q: Why is it a must for any real estate agent who is actively blogging to set up Google Authorship?

Google Authorship adds your photo to your Google search results giving you better curb appeal than other links without a photo. People connect more with faces and recognizing your face from an ad in the local shopper or your business card could give you an advantage over a competitor without Google authorship.

When you have Google Authorship, it protects your content and groups it together to create thought leadership on your most discussed topics and adds more trustworthiness to your content as you build your online reputation.

Resource: How to Show Your Author Photo in Google Search Results Google+ is the place where smart professionals are using their social media marketing time and effort towards greater Google search results and maximum visibility for their personal brands.

Marketing your business on Google+ gives you the opportunity to expand your reach, boost traffic to your website and create a local online presence like never before! Are you ready to make the most of it?

Connect with Peg Fitzpatrick and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate on Google+ today!

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