Garden and Outdoor Living Trends 2021


Be the expert in all things house and home with these Garden and Outdoor Living Trends for 2021.

  1. Curb Allure
    With curbside neighbor, friend and family ‘drive by greetings’ becoming the norm, now more than ever Meredith Women want the front of their home to be beautiful.
  2. Outdoor Living
    From ideas to installation, interest in improvements for outdoor living and entertaining are on the rise. Consumers are looking to add comfort, color and new conveniences.

  3. Cottagecore
    An emerging aesthetic hearkening back to a simpler, agricultural mindset, Cottagecore is taking social media by storm. Nature and the outdoors is the main inspiration for design choices.
  4. Planting For Privacy
    With families across the globe suddenly finding themselves doing most things from home, adding privacy to yards, patios and balconies has shot to the top of ‘To Do’ lists.
  5. Smart Gardening
    Meredith women are showing increasing interest in smart garden gear for both indoors and out. Automatic watering and lighting systems are most popular.
  6. Perfecting the Porch
    In addition to paint, shutters, curtains, and windowsill flower boxes, homeowners are investing in exterior paint, swings, rocking chairs, rugs and outdoor dining sets.
  7. For the Kids
    Expect the backyard to take center stage in summer 2021 for households with kids under age 18. Families will be looking to upgrade and renovate.

  8. Winter Gardening
    Year-round investing means fresh food is always available and cold-weather crops such as kale, Swiss chard and many root crops are enjoying peaks of popularity.
  9. Adding Height On the Rise
    2020 saw two sharp spikes of interest in vertical gardening May through June and again during late August through early September. Expect to see this pattern repeat in 2021.
  10. Branching Out
    Decorating projects that bring elements of the outdoors inside will be hot in the upcoming year. Expect to see more cut flowers adorning tabletops and hanging pots everywhere.
  11. Sowing Seeds
    With the quick onset of the pandemic, we saw basic seed varieties being sold out last spring. Next spring, gardeners will be starting everything from squash to succulents from seeds.
  12. Vegetable Gardens
    Summer 2020 saw huge spikes in those looking for vegetable gardening content and growing food. Views of articles centered on what to plant, when to plant and how to grow are surging.

  13. Can It
    While it might have sounded daunting at one time, now canning, preserving and fermenting foods at home is gaining in popularity.
  14. Down To Earth
    As households look to reduce waste and start gardens, more are being drawn to some form of composting. Enthusiasts will continue looking to learn about and use compost.
  15. Beekeeping But Renting
    After COVID many families are going a step further and are looking to rent or keep bees themselves.
  16. Houseplants For Whole Health
    Houseplants are becoming a must-have home accessory, especially among millennials. We’re seeing enthusiasts seek out rare and unusual ones to cultivate at home.
  17. Return of the Fern
    Meredith Women are eager to adopt a houseplant, but some are fearful to add a green member to low-light living rooms. Enter the hard-to-kill fern.

Source: Meredith Data Studio

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