Friday Blog Scan: Things we liked from the week that was

On Monday, The Mortgage Reports published The 2009 First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit – Everything you need to know about IRS form 5405. If you have worked with or plan on working with first time buyers, this is a must read.

I’ve been focused on SEO and site optimization of late. Marketing Experiments Blog posted this live online seminar on site optimization and lead generation. While it’s focused on B2B, the tenets of good site design apply to every site. Take 30 minutes and watch the seminar. Skip to page 8 and start there to avoid the self promotion.

How much do you spend a year on marketing? Viral Housing Fix began a six-part study this week. Here is part two which dissects  the monthly marketing spend between top producers and newer agents and the impact the Web has had on the overall cost of marketing.

A bit off the real estate mark but a bulls-eye on social media, Online Best Colleges published this great post listing 100 Twitter Tools to help achieve your goals. Many of these are being used by real estate agents and brokers to manage their brands, broadcast their messages and keep tabs on conversations about their marketplace that they would otherwise never be party too.

Terabitzblog offers up a feel good, inspiring post about self branding titled What do you stand for?

Until next week…

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