Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

Social media has now permeated much of our lives. You can’t escape it. CNN references Twitter streams on a daily basis, YouTube is the second most used search engine with over 100,000,000 videos and the 55 and older female crowd are in a Facebook frenzy. I’m not much for rules regarding social media. I lean more toward accepted practices versus those that have proven to not yield any results. Like these things The Oatmeal believes we all need to stop tweeting about.

No wonder a room full of designers sat nervously while Marissa Mayer gave her presentation at AIGA’s national conference in Atlanta last weekend.  Marissa is the guardian of Google’s home page. He presentation was on design. And the data the supports Google design decisions. But must data drive every decision? At what point does creativity and inspiration factor into the mix. Read more from Fast Company here

From 8 Tips for Getting Your Facebook Fan Page Found in Facebook Search.

Calculated Risk delves into the uncertainty of the housing market and attempts to provide a an outlook which at the end of the report provides us with a very uncertain outlook. They cleverly titled their post The Uncertain Housing Outlook. All kidding aside their overview is filled with good facts that provide any real estate pro good sound bytes and facts when presenting their outlook to buyers and sellers.

As Joel explains, in this post “Augmented Reality (AR) is definitely one of the hot new mobile technologies right now.” The possibilities for search and decision support for real estate are now expanding as a result. Brokers, smartphone technology is the next frontier for real estate. Set budget for some R&D here. This is a chance to ride the front of a very cool, new wave in technology and consumer engagement.

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