Book Review: No Matter What! by Lisa Nichols

As we quickly approach the first long weekend of summer and the second half of the year, a book with the title No Matter What! is definitely a timely read. In the book author Lisa Nichols outlines a strategy for overcoming every obstacle and living the life you love. Lisa gained mainstream notoriety a few years ago as one of the featured trainers in The Secret and author of two Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

In this book, Lisa encourages us to develop 9 very important muscles:

  1. Your understanding muscle.
  2. Your faith-in-myself muscle.
  3. Your take-action muscle.
  4. Your I-know-like-I-know muscle.
  5. Your honesty muscle.
  6. Your say-yes muscle.
  7. Your determination muscle.
  8. Your forgiveness muscle.
  9. Your highest choice muscle.

Through personal stories and examples the reader is encouraged to flex these muscles in order to achieve balance, goals, and happiness.

No Matter What! is a very fitting mantra for our industry right now. Those who are weathering this storm are certainly getting quite a workout. To extend the exercise analogy one step further, let’s hope we are all in better shape at the end of this– No Matter What!

I’d rate this book: 4 sold signs out of 5.

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