Friday Blog Scan: Stuff we liked from the week that was

Brandie Young over at Agent Genius asked interesting questions about generating positive word of mouth for your business suggesting a few quick idea gems for making that happen.

For those of you looking for a deep dive into the MLS consolidation/data sharing issue, Mike Price’s interview with SOCAL MLS CEO Russ Bergeron is worth a read. The complex issues surrounding this ongoing debate are presented well and broken down in bits and pieces that make it easy to follow.

Joel got us thinking about how agents and brokers can leverage video with his profile of Canadian Realtor Ian Watt. As you scroll through Ian’s video directory you not only discover his marketplace and learn about it in a new way, but you realize how powerful video can be in building personal brand if done correctly.

Social networking isn’t just for kids — or so say the numbers from a new study from Pew. Sarah Perez at ReadWriteWeb interprets the results as evidence that most adults join social networks to socialize, not do business. But those in real estate know that the line between socializing and networking for business is very blurry which might explain why many inside real estate who approach social networking with an old school marketing sensibility might not be realizing its greater benefits.

If you need a little inspiration to engage your marketplace through new media, take heed: If the Pope can do it, so can you!

Until next week …

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