Candidates Secure “Dial Tone of the 21st Century”

Posted by Kevin Doell

Hillary Clinton
John McCain
Barrack Obama

I found a great web site called “” where I read that “the Internet is the dial tone of the 21st Century.” (not sure who gets credit for that gem of a quote: either Andrew Rasiej and Micah L. Sifry, or David Weinberger. Read platform.) This site outlines a platform of all the good things that can arise if the U.S. develops a top tier Internet infrastructure.The site’s outstanding little hook is to provide a dazzling array of social media tracking charts and graphs on the narrowing field of presidential candidates. For example:

Want to see which Dem gets the most YouTube traffic?

How many Facebook supporters Clinton has this week?

How many times McCain’s been name dropped in the Blogosphere?

This is at least the second election cycle where the presidential hopefuls have been hard at work building a sophisticated online presence, but probably the first where their command of the net is proving transformative. While I haven’t been to them all, the candidate sites are very interesting in the way in which they are mustering support. Obama’s site makes it seem like you have to register to even enter. Clinton’s site includes videos of Gen Yer “shredders” lamenting the fact that Hillary left the band to run for president. And McCain, is using “insta-polling” on the home page with an auto call to action that pops up after you submitted your answer.

The sites are all slick, all polished and all with something to teach communicators and business professionals about taking command of the Internet space.

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