Don’t Be Boring! Creative Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents


Real estate agents recognize the necessity to post ads and listings. Without them, nobody would know a house is available and whom to contact about viewing it. In today’s competitive marketplace, it takes more than generic listings and business cards to build a thriving real estate enterprise. Don’t be boring anymore! Discover creative marketing ideas for real estate agents, so people remember you.

Giving is Receiving

Promotional items continue to prove the concept of giving is receiving. Few people can resist a freebie. Give out candy bars with customized wrappers when visiting clients. Have plenty of promotional key chains and water bottles to give out during events. Both of these items are affordable and get plenty of visibility when people use them. Give clients a fancy pen with the real estate name on it during binder and contract signings. Each time people use the items, they will think if the real estate agency. Also, others will see its name. When they contact the office to inquire about buying or selling a home, the investment in a small gift comes back to the real estate agent many times over.

Magnificent Makeover

Contests are an excellent way to excite people and connect with clients. Host a contest offering a room makeover. Establish a reasonable budget for the project. Take before and after photos. Ask the winner to sign a release for the agency to use the images for promotional purposes. Create a marketing campaign focused on the value of making affordable renovations. Show sellers how simple changes can make a home desirable to buyers and even help command a higher selling price. Connect with local decorators and contractors to complete the project. Use them for plans and establish a referral network. Recommend their services to your clients and ask them to recommend your agency to prospective buyers and sellers.

Speak Out

Clients appreciate a well-spoken real estate agent with a pleasant voice. REALTORS®  with appealing speaking voices can also speak out to spread the word about their businesses. Local radio stations are always looking for fresh content. Ask to host a weekly segment interviewing neighborhood business owners. These interviews provide local info to listeners and help real estate agents establish meaningful relationships with local businesses. Host a weekly podcast about the status of the local real estate market. Include data, demographics, and snippets about some of the available properties in the area.

Take It On the Road

People are continually traveling from their homes to work and other essential places. Transportation time can become an excellent promotional opportunity. Take out ads at bus stations and train station depots. Place an announcement on the side of a bus or inside a train car. Inquire about advertisements in taxi cabs and on shopping carts at the local grocery store. Place magnets with the real estate name, address, and logo on the side of the cars driven by company REALTORS® . Many people will see these ads and remember the name of the agency when they want to buy or sell the property.

There’s No Such Thing As a Free Lunch – Or Is There?

The classic lunch meeting continues to be an excellent way to connect with clients and associates. Show people there’s still such a thing as a free lunch. Choose a favorite local restaurant for client meetings. Offer to treat them to a meal to discuss buying or listing property. Connect with businesses such as attorneys, architects, mortgage bankers, and contractors to build a referral network. Let the restaurant know they are the go-to spot for business meetings. As a frequent diner, encourage the proprietor to recommend the real estate agency.

Celebrate the Seasons

Locals are always looking for fun ways to celebrate the seasons and holidays. Host free parties at your office. Serve light finger foods and non-alcoholic beverages to attract people of all ages. Make the event about more than promoting the agency. Have photos with Santa for Christmas and a petting zoo to welcome the warmer days of spring. Be creative and invite everyone in the neighborhood to visit. Give out small promotional items with the company name, phone number, and logo. After a year or two, people will look forward to these celebrations. Also, they will remember and trust the real estate agency when they need these services.

Maximize the Potential of LinkedIn

Most real estate professionals have a standard LinkedIn profile outlining their background and current position. With thousands of similar descriptions online, it becomes impossible to stand out from the crowd based solely on a general summary. Maximize the potential of LinkedIn by writing informative articles for associates, industry professionals, and potential clients. Comment on relevant articles posted by other local businesses and industry leaders. Creating a notable presence on LinkedIn helps real estate agents connect with people and brand their companies.

These are just some of the many creative marketing ideas for real estate agents to get noticed. Develop a distinctive voice, find new ways to reach out to people, and keep talking about being a real estate agent. The squeaky wheel gets the oil – and the communicative real estate agent attracts the clients.

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