All Things Real Estate Resource Roundup: Power Influencers: 12/9/2011

All Things Real Estate Weekly Resource Roundup Week 2

This weeks Roundup of All Things Real Estate offers  a mix of our favorite posts, tweets, tips and tools stumbled upon across the web this week.  With everything from industry news to sales, marketing and business development; you are sure to find what you are looking for.  So sit back, relax and let our fingers do the walking for you!

Industry News

First -time Home Buyers Scared Off? – Home prices have fallen to 2002 levels and mortgage rates are at record lows — so why are the number of first-time home buyers decreasing instead of increasing?

Mortgage Rates Hold Near Record Lows – In case you missed this great news…the 30-year fixed rate dipped to 3.99 percent (0.7 point) for the week ending December 8, down from last week when it averaged 4.00 percent.

Your New Destination for All Things Real Estate – If you have found yourself spinning on the marketing treadmill with less than stellar results, now is the time to take action!  Join us on our new Facebook page for All Things Real Estate.

Real Estate Market

Common Sense Isn’t Common Practice –  There used to be logic used within our industry, but today it seems that gone is common sense.

The Quality of Real Estate is the Quality of Life – What means most to your clients when they talk about a home purchase?  Is it where they live and where their children will grow up or is it just a “grab a good deal while you can” mentatility?

Top 10 Methods Home Sellers Use to Find an Agent – There are a lot of tools in a Realtor’s tool box for lead generation, but home buyers and sellers over the years cite the top way they connect with a Realtor is through the trusted word of a friend.

Buyers and Sellers 

Being a Coach for Your Client – Our clients need our support, encouragement and direction now more then ever.

Survey: Holidays are “Good Time to Sell” – According to a recent survey from, most real estate professionals advise sellers to list their homes during the holiday season rather than waiting stating that more serious buyers are out looking and there is less competition among properties.  Would you agree with this advice?

Business Development

The Edge: Why the Top 20 Percent Are Most Coachable – There is a belief that sales people succeeding at a high level are not coachable.  The truth is they want your input, feedback and suggestions.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents – Do you practice the 7 habits that all highly effective and successful real estate agents follow?  This should be required reading for all sales people!

10 Simple Ways to Find Balance and Get Your Life Back – Finding balance in our lives is a battle we all wage on a daily basis.  There is no magic pill, but there are new habits that can be formed creating a higher awareness of what it takes to stay “in balance” allowing you to maintain a healthy lifestyle while achieving a higher level of productivity.

Blogging and Social Media

8 Small Business Social Media Tips From the Pros – Are you looking for some social media tips to grow your small business?  This is the place to find them!

29 Reasons You Should Be Blogging and Not Watching Television – As an avid blogger I want to simply say ‘enough said’ based on the tile.  However, if you still find that the value in blogging evades you  then this is one compelling read!

How to Be a Social Media Power Influencer (And Why!) – An excellent article shining a spotlight on several of today’s social media power houses.  Discover when and how they each knew “getting social” was a major goal.

Sales and Marketing

 Marketing’s Problem Isn’t Leads.  It’s Relationships. –  Do you focus so heavily on generating leads that you forget to build or maintain relationships with new and current clients?  Don’t forget that building the relationship is vital to your continued success.

The 6 Step Secret Sauce for Awesome Email Subject Lines – With the barrage of email we receive on a daily basis, how can you set your email message apart?  An awesome, attention grabbing headline is the key!  Learn how to craft yours in 6 easy steps!

Just for Fun

Holiday Tips for How to be Your Happiest – It’s the Holidays…who doesn’t need to inject a little cheer into their hectic day?  Smile and Get Happy!

Real-Life “Up” House Sells to Disney Fanatics – You might have loved the movie “Up,” but I doubt you loved it as much as these self proclaimed Disney fanatics.


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