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Carson Arthur

Interior remodeling isn’t the only way to invest in your property; your outdoor space is valuable realty as well! In today’s episode of the Be Better podcast, Kim and Donald are joined by garden designer, TV personality, small business owner, and author Carson Arthur. In this episode, he shares his recommendations for going green at home and cultivating your outdoor space for a long-term investment. 

Make the most of the opportunities you have with your land.

  • When it comes to renovation, first-time home buyers think about paint colors and kitchen appliances. But outdoor renovation is the only renovation that increases in value over time – trees and plants grow! 
  • Landscaping is a great way to make a great return on investment.

Green living should be a passion for everyone.

  • When Carson started talking about low-maintenance outdoor spacing, he noticed less and less of the spaces he featured actually had plants – they were patios, decks and living spaces without the greenery that inspired the idea.
  • Homeowners are unfortunately part of the problem – we remove trees because they’re an inconvenience. 
  • Trees and plants help your lifestyle, add value to your space, and help your pocketbook.
  • When first-time homeowners think about a property with trees, they immediately feel more welcome in the space. Just one tree can improve a home’s value by 5-8%.

How Carson views generational approaches to gardening: 

  • Baby boomers were the original gardeners. However, Gen X hired landscaping companies because they didn’t want to do the work themselves. 
  • Those companies realized it’s far cheaper to hire regular workers over plant specialists, and they used the same plants repeatedly because that’s what people wanted.
  • Millennials didn’t have the money to pay for landscapers, so they did it themselves. Upon doing so, they noticed there were better options for their land. Gen Z wants to be part of the solution, so they’re following suit. 

Many of us want to make our homes more appealing and sustainable:  

  • Internally, there are tons of options like recycling and solar energy. On the outside, you can get creative. For example, use organic fertilizer to help your local environment.
  • Cut back on concrete and cement used in outdoor spaces. Those heat-retaining materials create environmental hot pockets. 
  • Incorporating plant material to provide shade helps combat excessive heat. 
  • Using plants native to the area requires less maintenance because they’ve been adapted specifically for your environment.
  • Growing vegetables isn’t just for adults; kids love it as well! If a kid is reluctant to try vegetables, they’ll be far more likely to try something new if they grow it themselves.

Growing your food is more sustainable, but how else can gardening improve your life?

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