5 Days on the Job

As the headline reads, I am the proverbial “new guy” on the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate team. I came to this brand from the travel agency industry where I learned the importance of lead prospecting, strong customer relationships, recruiting talented agents, and referrals.

My role as vice president of Internet marketing will essentially encompass everything we do on our Web site(s) and how we drive Jane and John Doe home buyer/seller to it. The ultimate goal will to be to develop a robust digital toolkit that will enable real estate pros to do their jobs more efficiently. We’ll embrace technology, try new things, and never sit on the sidelines idly… all with the goal of finding a consumer on the Web and delivering him or her to our franchisees via their contact method of choice. We have our finger on the pulse of emerging Web 2.0 real estate trends so that we can help foster social network development through Linkedin or Twitter, or even experiment with services such as bazaarvoice to allow consumers to provide reviews of their experience with an agent. We are totally open to new things.

On a personal note, I’m fortunate to be a “case study” since my family and I are looking to sell our home and move this summer. I have been on just about every Web site and blog under the sun to find a place to live and a broker to help us find our home.

I’m open to suggestions and look forward to building my own real estate network. Catch me on Linkedin when you can.

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