3 Twitter Marketing Ideas to Build Your Business

3 Ways to Maximize Twitter in Your Business

Twitter marketing can be an effective and inexpensive social media solution for your real estate business.  With only 140 characters required, Twitter offers a short and sweet way to get your message out.

Twitter can also be an incredible addition to your current marketing campaign and a truly remarkable marketing tool within your business.  Used strategically, Twitter can be a fun way to raise awareness about your personal brand and other social networks.

So how can you use Twitter to market your business?  Let’s take a look at 3 simple strategies that you can implement today!

  1.  Connect with Potential Clients

Similar to Facebook, Twitter gives you the ability to connect with potential clients in a far more intimate way than traditional media.  Potential customers are able to gain  a better understanding of who you are, what your business is all about and how you might best serve their needs given their particular circumstance.  The days of hiring someone without any prior knowledge as to how they run their business is over.  Today all anyone needs to do is Google you.  Twitter puts you in a space where potential clients or even past clients can find information, stay up to date and connect with you on a daily basis.

Begin your research by identifying who you want to follow.  Locate people with similar interests, within the same line of work or in a particular location.  Two great sites are WeFollow and Twellow.  Both tools let you choose a specific niche, part of the country and even your city through Twellowhood.

  2.  Build Your Database List

Using Twitter to build a database or list of potential customers will not happen overnight, but it can be successful if you take the time to identify who you are talking to and what information matters most to them.  If you are hoping to connect with home buyers then cater to their exact needs by supplying timely updates, answers to their most frequently asked questions and your professional insight into market conditions.

While Twitter marketing is similar to Facebook, your message will change based on the limited size of your status update and the less formal atmosphere.  Do not make the mistake of simply pushing out your newsletter or market update.  Make sure you are asking questions and creating a conversation with your followers.  Retweet interesting updates from friends and followers and comment with your thoughts and feelings.  People want to know what makes you tick, so let them!

Ask yourself on a daily basis what you can give away, pass along or offer that will keep them coming back for more.  Tips about buying their first home, tips on how to avoid mistakes most sellers make, tips on how to properly prepare their home for sale…the list of content is endless!

  3.  Increase Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic works hand in hand with building your database.  Two strategies to use to increase website visibility:

  • Connect your blog to Twitter and automatically notify your followers each time you post a new article.  An easy way to do this is to grab your RSS feed (example: yourwebsite.com/feed) and create a free account with Twitterfeed.  Once you set up a feed, your new post will tweet out immediately without you lifting a finger. If you use WordPress, a great plugin that auto tweets your post is TweetThis.  Using automation wisely frees up your time and allows you to really engage and interact with your followers.
  • Create an opt-in form on your website.  Attract attention through your Tweets by tweeting about a free home buyer report or your monthly newsletter  .  If you use WordPress and work with a system like AWeber, you can create a web form and add it yourself if you are comfortable working with html or you can ask your web designer or IT support for assistance.

How are you using Twitter to market your business?

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