10 Ideas for Successful Real Estate Recruiting

Successful Real Estate Recruiting

Is it time to get excited again about real estate as a career choice? I would say so!

Real estate is often a second career for many professionals as they exit one stage of their life and look to enter a new phase. Knowing how to reach them (and recruit them) is the challenge.

With markets picking up across the country, now is a great time to reach out to anyone who might have interest in a career in real estate, and encourage them to get started.

Here are 10 ideas for successful real estate recruiting!

10 Ideas to Spark Recruiting Efforts

1. Send an email to past and current clients; many of them have thought about it before, but need more information before they are willing to commit.

Ideas to Spark Recruiting Efforts2. Use free job boards such as Craigslist.org or Indeed.com to locate people actively searching for a job in your market.

3. Update your website career section with “what to expect in a real estate career” and have a clear call to action. Share this across all of your social media channels.

4. Host a series of career seminars or breakfasts (send out a news release around these events and get some PR for your company).

5. Reach out to local unemployment and career centers, put up posters, post on their sites.

6. Reach out to local colleges and universities – are they hosting a job fair?

7. Connect with local real estate schools and explore promotion opportunities.

8. Use social media to promote success stories and company news and capture leads.

9. Hand out business cards to everyone you meet; be excited!

10. Reach out to agents who have placed their license in a referral business for the past few years.

Training and support will be important for any new agent. What programs do you have in place to support training and growth within the first few months?

If your company uses an assessment tool like the Real Estate Simulator, invite your prospects to try it out. It will give them a taste of what it is like to work with buyers and sellers and help you uncover their sales savvy.

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