Whitepaper: Why Social Media Isn’t Working For You and How to Fix It

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Have you ever wondered why social media isn’t working for you or your business? Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate set out to define what works and what does not work with social media for real estate agents. In our research, we found a great chasm between the social media “haves” who are using social to grow their business, and the “have nots,” who are struggling due to the time and cost investments.

This whitepaper has not only identified the problem, but it also offers specific techniques and tricks to close the success-rate gap. Specifically, we’ve laid out 4 different types of social media users (New Users, Sometimes Users, Regular Users, and Power Users) and provided techniques for each in terms of time and resources, audience, content, engagement, advertising, and most importantly, how to measure success.

We encourage you to download this whitepaper and use it as a game plan to better understand and leverage your social media. We hope it will help you build confidence in your efforts and to grow your business.

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