Top 5 Things You Wish Home Sellers Would Tell You


The successful sale of a home relies on how much information is obtained from the sellers before listing. Unfortunately, not all clients will feel comfortable expressing their opinions, sharing personal details and welcoming you into their home. The good news is that there are various ways to get the information you need. Here are the top things every real estate agent wishes sellers would tell them.

Whether they have liens and disputes

Property liens are one thing every real estate agent should know about when selling a home. This means there’s a legal claim that the real estate belongs to someone else, and that person will be owed a specific amount of money upon sale of the property. Avoiding this topic can lead to many issues, so ask clients if there are any liens or disputes on the property. If there are, create a strategy to deal with them before listing the house. The sooner you know this information, the better equipped you will be to handle it.

What their expectations are

To provide optimal results, you need to know what your clients expect of you. Some clients may not feel comfortable voicing their opinion, especially if they fear it’ll come with rejection, disapproval or hindrance. This is why it’s crucial to form a strong bond with your clients, allowing them to feel comfortable sharing thoughts and opinions. If there is a disconnect, ask them outright what their expectations are and reiterate the importance of honesty and openness for the sake of the sale. This should provide you with an accurate idea of what they expect.

Their schedule

Knowing the seller’s schedule is imperative to a successful sale. If they’re inflexible, stress the importance of making small adjustments to their schedule to maximize the time their property can be shown. If they’re still unable to do so, this is something you need to manage. You’ll have to work around them, which will take ample planning on your end.

Home flaws

Full transparency is an important component to the successful sale of a home. As a real estate agent, you want your sellers to feel comfortable enough to inform you of any issues concerning the home, whether pertaining to necessary repairs or maintenance. Having this information upfront allows you to determine what fixes need to be done prior to listing the home for sale, which will result in a better price and higher ROI for your clients. Being unaware of home flaws may result in discrepancies, from an inflated asking price to failed home inspections and deals falling through. Building trust, loyalty and rapport with your clients is imperative to garner as much information as possible about the home.

They’re working with another agent

The real estate industry is competitive. You put your best service forward in hopes of earning the sale. However, if a client is working with another agent, you could be providing your time, effort and services for free. Ensure that your services result in a sale that comes to you and not your competition. Building a trusting, personable and friendly relationship with potential clients is an excellent way to encourage open and honest communication, and one that will ensure they choose you as their final real estate agent.


The more information you have about your sellers and their property, the better equipped you’ll be to handle the listing and turn it into a sale.

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