Tips for Success for New Real Estate Agents in 2021

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As the world faces a new normal in 2021, beginner real estate agents have different opportunities and challenges. While some things remain the same, others changed to accommodate quarantining and social distancing. Learn nine smart tips for success for new real estate agents as they embark on careers during changing times.

Focus on Digital Marketing

With many people still working remotely and social distancing, most buyers search for homes online. New real estate agents need to know digital marketing to succeed. Search engine optimization is crucial to showcase listings and attract new clients. Use tools such as Google Analytics and BrightEdge to perform keyword research. Add high traffic, low competition keywords to descriptions, articles, titles, images, video, and metadata. Start a blog to provide updates about properties and local market conditions. When buyers are ready to take action, they remember agents who reached out and were valued resources during their search.

Hone Social Media Profiles

When people work with professionals, they often check social media to find out more about the agent. Hone social media profiles to be professional and approachable. It is a good idea to separate business and professional profiles to avoid confusion. Privatize personal social media profiles to avoid personal conflict. Take a self-image wearing business clothing, and be consistent on all platforms. Provide ongoing updates, including links to available homes and useful information for buyers and sellers. Be interactive to start building a network of potential clients. Better Homes and Gardens® affiliated real estate agents can tap into a vast social media network to jumpstart their careers.

Learn Professional Imagery

During a new normal, many sellers are concerned about showing their homes. Buyers are also reluctant to visit properties until they are sure they meet their criteria. New agents who learn photography can provide quality images and video for virtual tours. Consider posting live tours of new homes on sites such as Facebook Live. Showcase large properties with aerial photography using a drone. With keyword tags, the right images help available homes crawl up the search engines to encourage buyers to schedule an in-person tour.

Develop a Personal Brand

One of the first steps for new agents is defining their brands. What target market does the agent want to reach? How do they intend to create opportunities with this target audience? Agents need to have a distinctive voice and approach to stand out from the competition. From first-time homebuyers to luxury investors, choose a niche, and go after it by posting content to answer their questions. Check Google Trends, Facebook groups, and Q&A sites, such as Quora, to determine what people want to know. Create content to provide useful information and become a leader in the niche.

Focus on the Sphere of Influence

Often a new real estate agent’s first clients come from their sphere of influence. Determine the people in your sphere of influence, including friends, family, neighbors, and associates. Let everyone know about your new career by posting on social media, sending emails, making phone calls, and sending business cards in the mail. Encourage people to contact you when they are ready to buy or sell and refer you to their friends. 

Create a Business Plan

The most successful new agents start with a business plan. Outlining a plan for 2021 is the first step toward achieving or exceeding your goals. Define those goals, then consider ways to achieve them. Create a budget for marketing, technology, and other necessities to get the job done right. It often takes a few months to earn commission as a new agent, so have savings on-hand or consider a side hustle to cover costs until the money comes in.

Prepare to Hustle

Two of the most significant benefits of being an agent are flexible hours and the ability to write your own paycheck. However, it takes time to enjoy these advantages. Beginner real estate agents have to hustle, often working nights and weekends to connect with new clients. When people are ready to show or view homes, being on the scene is crucial when agents first start working. Being accessible helps new agents create the network they need to be profitable and productive for years to come.

Engage a Mentor

New agents have many questions, and answers help them achieve their goals. Work with a mentor, such as a broker in the office, to learn the industry. Read industry publications, join real estate professional organizations, and connect with successful agents and brokers to learn the business.

Forge Forward Fearlessly

Fear is part of the new normal, as people slowly emerge to resume their lives. New real estate agents must know the protocols for showing homes and interacting with clients. Have hand sanitizer, masks, and cleaning supplies ready for action at all times. Encourage people to use them to view available homes without anxiety. Confident agents who know how to handle all situations makes buyers and sellers feel comfortable to take action.

As everyone wonders what 2021 will bring, new real estate agents have opportunities to connect with clients in a meaningful way. Learning how to handle the new normal can help new agents create names and brands for themselves. Use these tips for success to have the career of a lifetime!

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