Time to Close the Deal: Closing Script Lines

Time to Close the Deal: Closing Script Lines - bhgrealestateblog.com

After some time, the clients you are working with will come across a home they are interested in buying. You know that they are ready to close a deal on a home, but you’re stuck at the finish line, unable to get them to move forward. When you’re in a situation like that, you need to be prepared with a few closing lines to help you complete the deal.

Every real estate agent needs to understand the importance of closing techniques to enhance his or her chances of making that sale. Your closing script lines must identify your client’s needs while also demonstrating how the home is the right home for them. To develop strong closing script lines that can solidify the deal and grow your business, follow these tips:

1. Opinion Isn’t Fact

Start a question off with the phrase, “In your opinion…” as this provides you with the opportunity to soften the reply if they have an objection. For example,

In your opinion, is this a home you can see your family growing up in?

If the client answers no, it’s an opinion and not a fact. You can then find out the reasons behind the response, and address any concerns they may have. By doing this, you are able to showcase whether this home is a viable solution for their current needs in a friendly way.

2. Trial Closing Scripts

When your client is headed toward a sale, use a trial closing script to measure their level of interest and address any concerns accordingly. Ask a question such as:

Does this home seem like the kind of solution you are looking for?

Their response provides you with the opportunity to explore their reactions and solidify how it is the solution they need.

3. Did You Cover It?

Not all clients are going to vocalize why they think a particular home is not for them, and this is valuable information that allows you to redirect their thinking and finalize the sale. Ask your potential buyer:

What haven’t I covered yet that is important to you?

Their response will allow you to reevaluate your approach and place emphasis on the right elements of a home to meet their needs.

4. Direct Close

Taking the traditional route to closing a deal has its benefits, as long as you’re confident your client understands the value the home brings to their life and how it caters to their needs. Pose a direct question such as:

So, [Name], are you ready to make this your new home?

Questions like these are close-ended, and will be answered with a yes or no if you have provided your client with the confidence needed for the sale.

There are no magic words that are going to guarantee a sale, but these closing lines and questions can definitely increase your chances of having a valuable, meaningful, and persuasive conversation with your client. It’s important to always provide the opportunity to rectify a situation, address a concern, and demonstrate how this home is the perfect one for your client.

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