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Google is yet again making our lives easier. Now, you don’t have to search for iPhone or Android apps of interest, as they will be pushed to you based on your searches. Interesting! In other search news, check out CityGrid Media, a company resulting from the merging of Citysearch, Insider Pages and Urbanspoon. Not only is it an interesting search tool for you and for you to recommend to new buyers in your community, but it could also be a great advertising platform as well!

To make it easier for you to grow your network in Twitter and potentially secure new friends and followers, the social network is testing a new “You Both Follow” feature. Great way to make new connections! In other social media news, numbers out this week suggest that 34 percent of adults who use social media do so, in part, to rant or rave about a company. An important lesson for all of us is to maintain quality customer service online just as much as off and to address any complaints and issues consumers raise online immediately.

It may seem surprising that only one in five small business owners are integrating social media into their business (although, this number has doubled in the past year), but those that are often see impressive results. A salon in Seattle gets 75 percent of its business from Facebook, Twitter and its blog. Wow! Take some time this summer to build and execute a social media strategy. And, for those of you already with a blog on WordPress, this week the site introduced new features to become more social: quick reblogging and the ability to “like” posts. Good stuff!

Looking for ways to make your office seem more high tech and connected? Take a bite of an organic burger restaurant in New York, which will be constantly streaming Foursquare check-ins, tweets from Twitter and restaurant information on a large monitor, among other things. Pretty cool.

Now on to the infamous Apple versus Microsoft debate… Recently, Apple officially passed its rival as the world’s most valuable technology company. It should not be surprising then that Steve Jobs is predicting his company’s iPads will replace PCs in the years to come. What do you think will happen? Will one of these technologies trump the other or will a new technology emerge to topple them both? We should keep in mind, though, how third parties will affect the future of both technologies. In a move that could make potential iPad owners not as anxious to purchase, AT&T this week announced it will drop its $30 unlimited data plan. If you’re not considering an iPad yet, will this change your mind?

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