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When we launched the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate brand in 2008, we launched in the most difficult time in our industry’s history.  Despite this challenge, three years later, not only have we established a strong foothold in the United States, but we’ve recently celebrated our expansion into Canada.  I believe our success is largely attributed to the focus we maintain on the five core values established at launch: Passion, Authenticity, Innovation, Growth and Excellence. As I think about these values, there are two that stand out most to me today, Passion and Innovation.  

Yesterday the world lost a visionary – one who wasn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and who changed the way we seek entertainment, communicate and live.  No matter what type of brand or business you represent, we have all been impacted by the words and actions of Steve Jobs. Steve’s passion for his work and ability to think beyond the traditional scope of industry standards has made Apple more than a technology brand.  His innovations have brought the future of technology into the hands of millions of people. Apple no longer sells iPods, iPads, etc., they sell a lifestyle.

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, we pride ourselves in being a leading lifestyle real estate brand.  Steve has set the  bar as an industry leader and has made us strive every day to make Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate the “Apple” of real estate. Our business goes beyond selling houses and making transactions, we work to help each client create a home. 

In 1997 Apple launched the “Think Different” ad campaign that featured a compelling television commercial titled, The Crazy Ones. The Crazy Ones are described as those who see things differently, who don’t follow the rules and who push the human race forward.  Steve was a calculated risk taker. Without him, would we have ever seen a white earphone lanyard or anything that even resembles an iPad?

To quote the advertisement, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”  Steve Jobs has changed our world and will leave a lasting legacy.  May his genius and passion encourage the world to embrace the crazy in all of us.

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