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With reports of devastating natural disasters like blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires making headlines regularly this year, USA Today reported on how affected homeowners can get relief on their tax return. With the damage bills ticking up daily, these tips could have these homeowners breathing a sigh of relief.

Others who are not so lucky are potential homebuyers with good credit and lifelong careers who are becoming disenchanted with the process of qualifying for a loan as a result of lenders tightening their belts and implementing stringent standards.  These days, a larger down payment, a very high credit score and more burdens of proof on income and employment are required to sign papers, standards the National Association of Realtors believes are too tight for a recovery.

On a lighter note, if you are watching the most buzzed-about TV shows this fall and are getting an itch to bring some Hollywood glamour into your own business, consider taking a page from an agent in Beverly Hills who is developing short films – with a story and characters – to sell listings. Interesting approach!

From passion about movies to passion about sustainable living, an article published in the Wall Street Journal outlines how cities can become greener places to live.  It includes everything from wider sidewalks and bike lanes to having electric-vehicle charging stations in parking garages.

For upgrades on a smaller scale, which may result in fun for the tots, keep in mind these 10-kid-friendly home additions, compiled by Switchyard Media. If you cater to a lot of young and growing families who are looking to upgrade their homes, trampolines and tree houses could be great selling points!

What are not going to help you close the deal are certain odors. considered smells that may kill a sell.  For your clients who are smokers and pet owners, it may be time to bring in some professionals. Carpet cleaner anyone?

What is surprisingly non-smelly is a dumpster that an artist has turned into a luxury home.

Finally, did you see that former Marine Sargent Dakota Meyer, who was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama Thursday, requested and was granted a beer with the president?  What you may not know is that the beer served was brewed in the White House.  A very novel and remarkable idea for entertaining at home!



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