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For those of you working on social media strategies, a new report shows it is not enough to use one strategy across multiple social media channels. Each audience is different and interested in different topics, with rarely two sites having the same “most popular” subject discussed, sent or clicked on. It is important to do research and develop campaigns for each. So, for example, if you’re looking for a quick way to search what people are Tweeting about, check out TweetUp, a Twitter-centric search and advertising network that ranks Twitter search results by time to determine if a result should be ranked higher than other more recent tweets containing queried keywords. Maybe it will be helpful for your team!

Now on to one of my favorite gadgets of all time: the iPhone. According to a recent survey, nearly 17 percent of Verizon’s customers will upgrade to an iPhone. In more iPhone news, check out FireFox’s new app, Firefox Home, which provides users with access to their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks and recently opened tabs. Yet another way to truly bring your office on the road!

The real estate industry can learn a lot from the hospitality industry as it embraces social media to enhance customer service to communicate with Mom, one of this industry’s (and ours!) most important audiences. In one example, Pennsylvania’s tourism website, VisitPA, has partnered with Foursquare to inspire people to take road trips around the Keystone State. Great way to use social media to reach a target audience! Keep watching the location-based space to see how it grows and changes.

In an interesting effort to provide consumers with what they crave in a direct manner, AT&T is blanketing New York City’s Times Square with free Wi-Fi. Take a page from this marketing and branding strategy and think about what service your consumers need. What solution can you provide?

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