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In a 24-7 news cycle, it is near impossible to keep up with the latest headlines. More frequently, people are looking to Facebook as an influential source.  According to Pew Research, Facebook accounted for three percent of traffic to 21 major general interest news sites like the New York Times and Washington Post. Google, which remains the biggest driver, cannot sit on its laurels and will need to really think about how to compete with the social media giant. Do you share articles in your news feed?

Although a driver of news, Google, it seems, could not hold the top ranking spot as the world’s most valuable brand. The maker of the iPad, iPod and iPhone, Apple, stole the coveted rating in a recent study. What brands are the most valuable to you?

If you have mastered shortening your thoughts to 140 characters and have some to spare, Ben & Jerry’s has a new social campaign to put the leftovers to a good cause. The maker of one of America’s favorite sweet treats will spread a message about World Fair Trade Day into the extra space. To participate, go to the Fair Tweets website and type your message, and the company will fill in any unused space!

Email marketing may seem “old-school” in the age of mobile ads and promoted Tweets, but it can still be a valuable tool. If reached strategically — i.e. right time of the day with the right message– the audience is plentiful: 95 percent of US Internet users use email and 83 percent check at least once a day.

Out with the red, in with the earth tone? McDonald’s is undergoing a makeover to appeal to a more upscale customer.  Brick and earth tones will replace red roofs and neon-yellow interiors. Do you think a paint job can reinvent the perception the food franchise has acquired over the years?

Kentucky Derby
Kentucky Derby

If you are ever looking for a good giggle in the middle of the day, you will be happy to know that Pandora has added a large archive of comedy clips. Laugh on!

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby this past weekend? If you watch for the horses or the hats, it is always an exciting event!

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