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Have you ever wondered about the value of Facebook updates, Twitter posts and Linkedin messages?  According to Penn State researchers, real-time content on social media networks is worth more than 30 million dollars a day for advertisers, or $10 billion.  For comparison, the newspaper industry in 2010 had $26 billion in advertising, which was a 25-year low.

Speaking of real-time updates, Facebook’s news feed may be getting more … well … news.  The site has hired a journalist program manager to build relationships with reporters and news organizations to try to beef up its news feed.  Do you think Facebook will be able to compete with Twitter as a primary source of news?

With Earth Day this Friday, the revolution to “go green” is even more apparent.  Although green products tend to be more expensive than their more harmful counterparts, 68 percent of Americans surveyed believe it is worth it to pay more for environmentally-friendly products or services.  What’s more, 93 percent feel that they have a “personal responsibility to take care of the Earth.”

The Flip is no more.  The video camera, which entered the market in 2007 to much fanfare, is being discounted (discontinued?) after its parent company Cisco revamped its business.  As smartphones become all-inclusive devices with cameras and video capabilities, it may not come as that much of a surprise to the gadget world.  

Do you consider the iPad a children’s toy?   Apparently, Toys R Us does.  It will begin selling the iPad 2 alongside G.I. Joe and Barbie.  As new games and ebooks targeted at young children launch regularly, the very young consumer could be the next big market for Apple.

Is anything off limits online?  A recent survey suggests that many people are reluctant to share online such personal details as their children’s activities or their household purchases.  I appreciate the ability of the Internet to help bring people with like interests together, but agree that some things should be kept private! 

In closing, our thoughts are with all of those who have been affected by the devastating tornadoes in the past week.

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