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It’s official: The majority of Americans are now on Facebook. A new study revealed that 51 percent of people in the United States have profiles on the social network.  Amazing, especially when you consider that 70 percent of Facebook users are outside the United States!

I wonder if this large group will embrace movie watching on the site.  Warner Bros announced it will make five high-profile movies, for example Inception, available for rental and streaming on Facebook.

The e-wallet is picking up share.  Many announcements and partnerships over the past week have made it clear that the story of the electronic wallet is unfolding rapidly.  Google announced a partnership with MasterCard and Citigroup that allows Android users to pay for purchases by waving a phone in front of a receiver.  (If you believe the rumors, the next generation iPhone 5 will also have Near-Field Communication technology.)  American Express has also created an online- and mobile-payments application “Serve” which is basically a prepaid electronic wallet.  If they make driver’s licenses electronic, we may soon have no need for a wallet.

The "Milton Berle Show” & "Jersey Shore” are just some of the shows that have helped TV turn into the business it is today
The "Milton Berle Show” & "Jersey Shore” are just some of the shows that have helped TV turn into the business it is today

AdWeek released a list of the 100 most influential television shows, programs that helped “the medium as it evolved into as cultural force.”  From “The Milton Berle Show,” which the magazine cites as “the original ‘Mr. Television,’” to the “Jersey Shore,” which brought seven million viewers to MTV during its third season, these shows have helped TV turn into the business it is today. What show has had a big influence in your life?

Targeted marketing took a leap forward as GroupMe introduced Featured Groups, a service which allows users participating in group messaging to select a brand that will send special offers and “inside information” directly into their private conversations.

Another way brands are engaging with consumers is tasking them to develop their own viewer-generated commercials.  Turner’s “Adult Swim” and Pizza Hut are asking consumers to create summer commercial spots. The charge is to create a video describing their favorite pizza moment.  What’s yours?

Can’t find the laundry detergent in your super-sized grocery store?  What about the closest bathroom at the stadium of your favorite sports team?  Check out the latest app from Meridian, an indoor GPS for your phone that gives you turn-by-turn directions.  Now we don’t have to ask for directions indoors either.

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