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As temperatures reach record highs along the east coast, another record has been broken: Lady Gaga became the first living person to attract 10 million Facebook fans. More than even President Obama, but less than Texas Hold ‘em poker and Family Guy.

Consider this, even if your numbers aren’t “Ga Ga” on Twitter, new data from social media consulting firm Sysomos found that it takes visiting just 3.32 friends of friends for users to find one of their own followers. Take that Kevin Bacon!

Last week, as technology savvy people in more than 90 countries celebrated Social Media Day, rumors started circulating that Google is launching a rival to Facebook.  According to reports in the blogosphere, Google Me may use some aspects of its social community, Orkut, popular in Brazil and India, which focuses on communities and discussion. Stay tuned…

Glued to your mobile phone?  You are in good company.  Burst Media found that 40 percent of people with mobile gadgets (smart phones, iPads etc) consider themselves as “always connected” heavy users.  To help people stay connected, Starbucks kicked off its Starbucks Digital Network, a no-charge, registration-less and limitation-free Wi-Fi initiative in all locations in the US and Canada. Great news for those of us who like to work over a latte every once in a while!

If you want to add music to your videos on YouTube without worrying about it being pulled for legal reasons, check out Rumblefish’s online store called Friendly Music. It is an inexpensive way (songs cost $1.99 each) to license music for your masterpiece.

Finally, if you have a blog on WordPress, check out the new “Post by Voice” feature that allows you to post audio from your phone to your blog.  Also, playing into the age of customization, Google released a “News for you” feature that will offer a stream of local, customized and socially edited content. This is a great way for you to stay on top of all news important to you in an efficient way!

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