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Have you ever wondered how a CEO gets to the point where they actually become a CEO? We did. So, on today’s special episode of the Be Better podcast, Donald is joined by none other than the CEO of Better Home and Garden Real Estate®, Sherry Chris, to discuss her career journey and how you can establish your road to success.

Sherry enjoys helping consumers move into the next phase of their lives. 

  • Despite an initial banking career, Sherry realized while buying her first home that a real estate career would make great use of her skill set. 
  • Homeownership, if managed properly, is a great resource to build wealth for future generations and offer a space for emotional growth – two things Sherry wanted to provide to others.
  • As she began her real estate work, she learned to never view hurdles as a mistake. Instead, look at them as a learning experience. 

What does leadership mean to Sherry?

  • Leadership is the culmination of two things: empowering others to be their best and helping others without judgment.
  • When combined, it creates a scenario that benefits everyone you’re surrounded by.
  • As a leader, you must build trust with your team. Your team needs to trust you, your judgment, and your ability to lead successfully.

Surround yourself with people who offer personal and professional growth:

  • Mentors are an essential part of everyone’s growth, and identifying what type of mentor you need is critical.
  • Match yourself with a mentor who appeals to you based on where you are in your career and where you are in your leadership journey.
  • Many believe leadership to be synonymous with being the smartest in the room. In reality, leadership is acknowledging your weaknesses and crafting a team that supports those weaknesses. 
  • It’s about ego and humility. Both are powerful, but practicing humility draws others to you. 

Where does Sherry see the market in three years?

  • There’s currently an extreme industry shortage, which is excellent for some agents but not for all. 
  • She’d love to see a more balanced level where supply meets demand and families can grow wealth without a frenzied situation.

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This episode is brought to you in part by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate.

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