The Best Way to Advertise a Lifestyle Property


lifestyle home is loosely defined as a home whose appeal is not only in its luxurious amenities, but also based on the kinds of activities that it enables. Benefits of a lifestyle home could include exhilarating mountains to ski, bodies of water for fly-fishing or rafting, hikes with breathtaking views, or access to world-class casinos. Because they are so unique, advertising a lifestyle home requires a savvy, targeted marketing mix.


Lifestyle homes are synonymous with a wide range of leisurely activities. It can be difficult to pinpoint an ideal client because the range of activities that might constitute a “lifestyle” are highly varied. This may be the client’s primary residence but more often than not, it will be a second, third or fourth home. Therefore, they may purchase with the expectation of making relatively infrequent use of the property. Highlight the multifaceted nature of a lifestyle home—how does the utility of the home change with the seasons? For instance, if the initial appeal is as a ski home, what kinds of other alternative lifestyles open up in the warmer months? In marketing a lifestyle home, questions such as whether or not the client is also interested in golf, hiking, fishing, or other leisure activities become crucial.


Clients seeking to buy a lifestyle property are likely passionate about their hobby and can therefore be expected to browse niche publications related to their lifestyle. Example of specialized publications include POWDER MagazineYachting Magazine, or Golf Digest. Placing advertisements in these publications is a great way to access your relevant client base.


Digital advertising is an essential way to increase engagement with clients who might seek to purchase a lifestyle property. Not only do all of the previously mentioned niche publications also have digital platforms, but the world of digital advertising also opens up access to analytics. Through banner advertising on Google and Facebook, you can target ads at individuals who might be part of lifestyle-related groups on social media or who have browsing histories that reflect an affinity for luxury golf, skiing, or dirt-biking. A lifestyle property requires access to a specific community; the tools offered by digital advertising are therefore essential for any luxury real estate agent looking to market a lifestyle property.

 The tools provided by digital advertising significantly reduce the challenge of advertising a lifestyle property. These tools provide access to a niche client base; from here, it’s all about finding the client that’s the best fit for a given lifestyle home. Hopefully, these tools will help you market your next lifestyle home. Make sure to check back for more insight on marketing strategy for luxury real estate.

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