The agent action list you should start today


Turn downtime into your most productive time. We worked with our network at BHGRE ® and came up with ideas for what you can do now to boost your future business. Read on for our ultimate list of agent action items you should start TODAY.

The agent action list

  • Practice using video conferencing with a fellow agent so you can be prepared to hold virtual meetings.
  • Join your company’s virtual sales meetings.
  • Write thank-you notes.
  • Connect with current clients to let them know you will be with them until the finish line.
  • Call/email/text clients, friends, and family for reviews and testimonials.
  • Call your sphere to see how they are doing.
  • Create a video or a series of videos to post on social media.
  • Reach out to small business owners to see how you can help.
  • Add birthdays to your CRM (look them up on Facebook).
  • Go to video tours of properties.
  • Build a vendor list and reconnect with vendors on your current list.
  • Upgrade listing photography to include Matterport walk-through.
  • Update your value proposition.
  • Plan your pop-bys. Order supplies and prep them.
  • Review and practice your listing presentation – video yourself and playback.
  • Review and practice your buyer consultation.
  • Read and roleplay scripts.
  • Unsubscribe/block spam emails.
  • Update and organize your CRM.
  • Revisit your business plan and set goals.
  • Update your social pages and websites.
  • Take online classes.
  • Find timely and relevant articles to share on social media.
  • Keep in touch with people who have purchased a property from you in the past.
  • Create a retirement plan.
  • Create a social media contest/giveaway to attract likes/follows to your page.
  • Create a weekly/monthly newsletter.
  • Read a motivational article or book.
  • Maintain a database of FSBO’s to contact in the future.
  • Check old withdrawn listings in the MLS to contact in the future.
  • Ship snacks, wine, gift baskets on house anniversaries to past clients as a treat.
  • Start planning a future community event to invite everyone that you know.
  • Create “care packages” to give away at future open houses. (Bottled water, granola bar, mints, business cards, etc.).
  • Follow up on recent showings of your listings and call the owners with feedback.
  • Make a list of builders and developers in your area.
  • Create a poll to post on social media.
  • Plan tomorrow’s real estate activities. Time-block everything!
  • Revise your methods of providing service to your customers, clients, and prospects to include fresh and unique ideas.
  • Join an organization that can produce leads, but also has a purpose that interests you (cooking classes, PTA’s, fantasy football leagues, yoga, coach kids sports, pottery nights, kickball team, etc.).
  • Set a goal with a deadline and a course of action to accomplish it.
  • Create a vision board.
  • Read motivational material and commit a poem or affirmations to memory.
  • Meet with your broker to discuss your goals and action steps for which you need assistance.
  • Write a blog.
  • If you’re in the BHGRE ® network, send personalized magazine subscriptions to 10-20 best referral sources. Also, send them to waiting rooms of mechanics, accountants, attorneys, dentists, doctor’s offices, etc.

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